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Sigma KEE - MassMeasure
MassMeasure(mass measure)airiness, atomic_mass, atomic_weight, bantamweight, body_weight, bulk, buoyancy, burnup, combining_weight, critical_mass, dead_load, dead_weight, eq, equivalent, equivalent_weight, featherweight, flyweight, gravitational_mass, heaviness, heft, heftiness, inertial_mass, junior_featherweight, junior_lightweight, junior_middleweight, junior_welterweight, lightness, makeweight, mass, mass_defect, mass_deficiency, mass_energy, mass_number, mass_unit, massiveness, meq, milliequivalent, nucleon_number, ponderosity, ponderousness, poundage, preponderance, quarter, quarter_pound, relative_atomic_mass, relativistic_mass, reporting_weight, rest_mass, tare, throw-weight...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation MassMeasure ChineseLanguage "这是 ConstantQuantitysubclass,是量度 Object 所含物质数量的实例。") chinese_format.kif 2407-2408
(documentation MassMeasure EnglishLanguage "A subclass of ConstantQuantity, instances of which are measures of the amount of matter in an Object.") Merge.kif 6255-6257
(documentation MassMeasure JapaneseLanguage "ConstantQuantitysubclass、その例は、 Object の物質量の尺度である。") japanese_format.kif 1091-1092
(subclass MassMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 6253-6253 Mass measure is a subclass of constant quantity

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage MassMeasure "质量测量") chinese_format.kif 1304-1304
(termFormat EnglishLanguage MassMeasure "mass measure") english_format.kif 1825-1825
(termFormat FrenchLanguage MassMeasure "mesure de masse") french_format.kif 982-982
(termFormat Hindi MassMeasure "dravyamaana maapa") terms-hindi.txt 517-517
(termFormat ItalianLanguage MassMeasure "MisuraDiMassa") terms-it.txt 521-521
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage MassMeasure "質量測定") japanese_format.kif 2666-2666
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage MassMeasure "Medida de Massa") portuguese_format.kif 934-934
(termFormat cb MassMeasure "kadaghanang sukod") terms-cb.txt 523-523
(termFormat cz MassMeasure "mass measure") terms-cz.txt 557-557
(termFormat ro MassMeasure "mãsurã de masã") relations-ro.kif 1003-1003
(termFormat tg MassMeasure "sukat ng laki") terms-tg.txt 522-522

appearance as argument number 3

(domain DensityFn 1 MassMeasure) Merge.kif 6645-6645 The number 1 argument of density is an instance of mass measure
(domain amount 3 MassMeasure) Merge.kif 7594-7594 The number 3 argument of amount is an instance of mass measure
(domain fleetDeadWeightTonnage 2 MassMeasure) Transportation.kif 1004-1004 The number 2 argument of fleet dead weight tonnage is an instance of mass measure
(domain maximumPayloadCapacity 2 MassMeasure) MilitaryDevices.kif 82-82 The number 2 argument of maximum payload capacity is an instance of mass measure
(domain vesselDeadWeightTonnage 2 MassMeasure) Transportation.kif 2535-2535 The number 2 argument of vessel dead weight tonnage is an instance of mass measure
(domain weight 2 MassMeasure) Merge.kif 7285-7285 The number 2 argument of weight is an instance of mass measure


            (MeasureFn ?NUMBER ?UNIT) ?QUANT)
        (instance ?UNIT UnitOfMass))
    (instance ?QUANT MassMeasure))
Merge.kif 6364-6368

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