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Sigma KEE - M60

appearance as argument number 1

(caliber M60
    (MeasureFn 7.62 Millimeter))
MilitaryDevices.kif 433-434 7.62 Millimeter(s) is a caliber of m60
(documentation M60 EnglishLanguage "The M60 (also seen 'M-60', formally Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M60) is a family of American belt-fed machine guns firing linked 7.62 - 51 mm NATO cartridges. In the U.S. military, the M60 has largely been replaced by various versions of the M240 as a medium machine gun, and by the M249 SAW as a squad automatic weapon. However, it remains in use in every branch, as well as some other countries (another major user was Australia), it continues to be manufactured into the 21st century. The M60 can be used in both offensive and defensive configurations. In the offense, it provides a higher rate of fire, greater effective range, and uses a larger caliber round than the standard-issue U.S. service rifle, the M16 family. In defensive use, the long range, close defensive, and final protective fires delivered by the M60 form an integral part of a unit's battle plan. The M60 is effective up to 1,100 meters when firing at an area target and mounted on a tripod, up to 800 meters when firing at an area target using the integral bipod, up to 600 meters when firing at a point target, and up to 200 meters when firing at a moving point target. United States Marine Corps doctrine holds that the M60 and other weapons in its class are capable of suppressive fire on area targets out to 1,500 meters if the gunner is sufficiently skilled. (from Wikipedia)") MilitaryDevices.kif 411-429
(externalImage M60 " e/ e9/ M60.jpg/ 300px-M60.jpg") pictureList.kif 1170-1170
(subclass M60 AutomaticGun) MilitaryDevices.kif 410-410 M60 is a subclass of automatic gun

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage M60 "M60") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35435-35435
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage M60 "M60") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35434-35434
(termFormat EnglishLanguage M60 "M60 machine gun") MilitaryDevices.kif 2045-2045
(termFormat EnglishLanguage M60 "m60") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35433-35433


    (instance ?M60 M60)
    (effectiveRange ?M60
        (MeasureFn 1.1 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 445-448
    (instance ?M60 M60)
    (weight ?M60
        (MeasureFn 10.5 Kilogram)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 438-441


    (instance ?LCAC LCAC)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?LCAC M2Browning 2)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?LCAC M60 2)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?LCAC MK19 2)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1977-1982

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