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Sigma KEE - M197GatlingGun
M197GatlingGun(m197 gatling gun)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation M197GatlingGun EnglishLanguage "The M197 electric cannon is a three-barreled electric Gatling gun developed primarily for use by United States Army helicopter gunships. Development of the M197 began in 1967 after experience in the Vietnam War revealed the inadequacy of the 7.62 mm Minigun for gunship use. The M197 is essentially a lightened version of the General Electric M61 Vulcan cannon, with three barrels instead of six. Its maximum rate of fire is one quarter that of the Vulcan, largely to limit its recoil for light aircraft and helicopter use. It shares the Vulcan's M50 and PGU series 20 mm ammunition. The M197 went into service on later marks of the AH-1 Cobra, and was also fitted in a ventral turret on the U.S. Marine Corps OV-10D Bronco. It is also the basis of the GPU-2 gun pod, which incorporates the cannon, a battery and electric drive motor, and 300 rounds of linkless ammunition. In the Cobra, the weapon is supplied with a magazine of 700 linked rounds. It has a cyclic rate of fire of 730 rounds per minute (plus or minus 50 rounds). Standard practice is to fire the cannon in 100-round bursts, allowing several minutes of cooling time between bursts. The M197 remains in use in the latest AH-1W and AH-1Z Cobra gunships. Although the weapon's rotary drive is theoretically quite reliable, its ammunition feed has been anything but: Marine pilots report an alarmingly high jam rate (sometimes greater than 30%). The USMC and the manufacturer are aware of the problem, but no specific fix has been incorporated on the AH-1Z. In the meantime, crews have been trained in techniques intended to minimize the risk of jamming. (from Wikipedia)") MilitaryDevices.kif 902-925
(subclass M197GatlingGun GatlingGun) MilitaryDevices.kif 901-901 M197 gatling gun is a subclass of gatling gun

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage M197GatlingGun "m197加特林枪") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35405-35405
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage M197GatlingGun "m197加特林槍") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35404-35404
(termFormat EnglishLanguage M197GatlingGun "M197 Gatling gun") MilitaryDevices.kif 2059-2059
(termFormat EnglishLanguage M197GatlingGun "m197 gatling gun") domainEnglishFormat.kif 35403-35403


    (instance ?AH1 AH1)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?AH1 M197GatlingGun 1)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?AH1 AntiTankMissile 4)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?AH1 AGM114 8)
        (weaponCarryingCapability ?AH1 AIM9 1)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1916-1922
    (instance ?CH AH1)
    (exists (?MG)
            (instance ?MG M197GatlingGun)
            (part ?MG ?CH))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1926-1931

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