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Sigma KEE - Arthropod
Arthropoda, Asian_horseshoe_crab, Chelicerata, Eurypterida, Limulidae, Limulus, Limulus_polyphemus, Merostomata, Pentastomida, Pycnogonida, Tachypleus, Xiphosura, Xiphosurus_polyphemus, arthropod, arthropod_family, arthropod_genus, arthropodal, arthropodan, arthropodous, class_Merostomata, eurypterid, family_Limulidae, genus_Limulus, genus_Tachypleus, horseshoe_crab, instar, king_crab, order_Eurypterida, order_Pycnogonida, order_Xiphosura, pentastomid, phylum_Arthropoda, pycnogonid, sea_spider, subphylum_Pentastomida, superclass_Chelicerata, tongue_worm, trilobite

appearance as argument number 1

(disjointDecomposition Arthropod Arachnid Myriapod Insect Crustacean) Merge.kif 14280-14280 Arthropod is disjointly decomposed into arachnid, myriapod, insect, and crustacean
(documentation Arthropod ChineseLanguage "这是包括 ArachnidInsects 的 Invertebrate Class。") chinese_format.kif 3404-3405
(documentation Arthropod EnglishLanguage "A Class of Invertebrate that includes Arachnids and Insects.") Merge.kif 14281-14282
(externalImage Arthropod " 8/ 81/ Arthropod_phylogeny.png") pictureList.kif 4511-4511
(subclass Arthropod Invertebrate) Merge.kif 14279-14279 Arthropod is a subclass of invertebrate

appearance as argument number 2

(biologicalAgentCarrier RickettsiaProwazekii Arthropod) WMD.kif 267-267 Arthropod is a biological agent carrier of rickettsia prowazekii
(biologicalAgentCarrier RickettsiaRickettsii Arthropod) WMD.kif 253-253 Arthropod is a biological agent carrier of rickettsia rickettsii
(biologicalAgentCarrier RickettsialAgent Arthropod) WMD.kif 248-248 Arthropod is a biological agent carrier of rickettsial agent
(subclass Arachnid Arthropod) Merge.kif 14284-14284 Arachnid is a subclass of arthropod
(subclass Crustacean Arthropod) Merge.kif 14296-14296 Crustacean is a subclass of arthropod
(subclass Insect Arthropod) Merge.kif 14292-14292 Insect is a subclass of arthropod
(subclass Myriapod Arthropod) Merge.kif 14288-14288 Myriapod is a subclass of arthropod
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Arthropod "节肢动物") chinese_format.kif 980-980
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Arthropod "arthropod") english_format.kif 1167-1167

appearance as argument number 4

(disjointDecomposition Invertebrate Worm Mollusk Arthropod) Merge.kif 14259-14259 Invertebrate is disjointly decomposed into worm, mollusk, and arthropod

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