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Sigma KEE - Aminopenicillin

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(documentation Aminopenicillin EnglishLanguage "The aminopenicillins are a group of Antibiotics in the Penicillin family that are structural analogs of ampicillin (which is the 2-amino derivative of benzylpenicillin, hence the name). Like other penicillins and beta-lactam antibiotics, they contain a beta-lactam ring that is crucial to its antibacterial activity. Aminopenicillins feature a positively charged amino group that enhances their uptake through bacterial porin channels. This does not, however, prevent resistance conferred by bacterial beta-lactamases. Members of this family include ampicillin, amoxicillin and bacampicillin.[from Wikipedia]") Medicine.kif 5439-5448
(subclass Aminopenicillin Penicillin) Medicine.kif 5437-5437 Aminopenicillin is a subclass of penicillin

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(instance Amoxicillin Aminopenicillin) Medicine.kif 5455-5455 Amoxicillin is an instance of aminopenicillin
(instance Ampicillin Aminopenicillin) Medicine.kif 5452-5452 Ampicillin is an instance of aminopenicillin
(instance Bacampicillin Aminopenicillin) Medicine.kif 5458-5458 Bacampicillin is an instance of aminopenicillin
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Aminopenicillin "aminopenicillin") Medicine.kif 5450-5450

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