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organizationalObjective Ovrigt
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OutpatientCareCenters (outpatient care centers) onOrientation (on orientation)
OutpatientMentalHealthAndSubstanceAbuseCenters (outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers) onboard (onboard)
Outside (outside) operator (operator)
Oval (oval) oppositeDirection (opposite direction)
OvarianArtery (ovarian artery) optimalGrindSizeForMakingCoffee (optimal grind size for making coffee)
Oven (oven) optionHolder (option holder)
OvercastWeather (overcast weather) optionSeller (option seller)
Overgrazing (overgrazing) or (or)
OvergrazingIssue (overgrazing issue) orbits (orbits)
OverheadTravelingCraneHoistAndMonorailSystemManufacturing (overhead traveling crane hoist and monorail system manufacturing) orderFor (order for)
OverhuntingIssue (overhunting issue) orgStaff (organization staff)
OverpopulationIssue (overpopulation issue) organizationName (organization name)
OverseasArea (overseas area) organizationProductType (organization product type)
OverseasAreaFn (overseas area) organizationServiceType (organization service type)
Oversized (oversized) organizationUnit (organizationUnit)
OrganizationalObjective ovrigt
Ovrigt (ovrigt) organizationalObjective (organizational objective)
Ovum (ovum) orientation (orientation)
OwinigaLanguage (owiniga language) origin (origin)
Owl (owl) originalBalance (original balance)
Oxidation (oxidating) originalExpressedInLanguage (original expressed in language)
Oxygen (oxygen) originalTitle (original title)
OxygenSensor (oxygen sensor) orthogonalTests (managed orthogonal)
OxygenatedBlood (oxygenated blood) otherLandUseArea (other land use area)
Oyster (oyster) outOfTheMoney (out of the money)
OysterMeat (oyster) overcastDaysInPeriod (overcast days in period)
OzamisPhilippines (ozamis philippines) overdraft (overdraft)
OzoneDepletionIssue (ozone depletion issue) overlapsPartially (overlap partially)
OzoneLayerProtectionProtocol (ozone layer protection protocol) overlapsSpatially (overlap spatially)
OzoneShield (ozone shield) overlapsTemporally (overlap temporally)
OzumatlanTotonacaLanguage (ozumatlan totonaca language) oxygenSaturation (oxygen saturation)
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