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lastStatement KalabraLanguage
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JutishLanguage (jutish language) judicialBranch (judicial branch)
KabacanPhilippines (kabacan philippines) keyName (key name)
KabixiLanguage (kabixi language) knows (knows)
KabulAfghanistan (kabul afghanistan) laborForceFractionByOccupation (labor force fraction by occupation)
KabuverdianuLanguage (kabuverdianu language) laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod (labor force fraction by occupation in period)
KabyleGroupLanguage (kabyle group language) laborForceTotal (labor force total)
KabyleLanguage (kabyle language) laborForceTotalInPeriod (labor force total in period)
KadiweuLanguage (kadiweu language) lacks (lacks)
KafrAkabWestBank (kafr akab west bank) ladenDraft (laden draft)
KafrIdnaWestBank (kafr idna west bank) landAreaOnly (land area only)
Kahlua (Kahlua) landlord (landlord)
KaimbeLanguage (kaimbe language) language (language)
KaiserFoundation (Kaiser Foundation) languagePercentInRegion (language percent in region)
KakauhuaLanguage (kakauhua language) larger (larger)
KalaallisutLanguage (Kalaallisut language) lastRenovation (last renovation)
LastStatement kalabraLanguage
KalabraLanguage (kalabra language) lastStatement (last statement)
KalkilyaWestBank (kalkilya west bank) lastStatementBalance (last statement balance)
KalmunaiSriLanka (kalmunai sri lanka) leader (leader)
KamaLanguage (kama language) leaderPosition (leader position)
KambaLanguage (kamba language) legalGuardian (legal guardian)
KambiwaLanguage (kambiwa language) legalRelation (legal relation)
KampalaUganda (kampala uganda) legalSystemType (legal system type)
KanamariLanguage (kanamari language) legislativeBranch (legislative branch)
KandySriLanka (kandy sri lanka) lender (lender)
Kangaroo (kangaroo) length (length)
KanihamaIndia (kanihama india) lengthOfBroadGaugeRailway (length of broad gauge railway)
KannadaLanguage (Kannada language) lengthOfCrudeOilPipeline (length of crude oil pipeline)
KansaLanguage (kansa language) lengthOfDualGaugeRailway (length of dual gauge railway)
Kansas (Kansas) lengthOfElectrifiedRailway (length of electrified railway)
KansasCityMissouri (kansas city missouri) lengthOfExpresswaySystem (length of expressway system)
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