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greaterThan GunStock
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Guitar (guitar) geometricDistance (geometric distance)
Guitarist (guitarist) geometricPart (geometric part)
GujaratIndia (gujarat india) geopoliticalSubdivision (geopolitical subdivision)
GujaratiGroupLanguage (gujarati group language) givenName (given name)
Gulf (gulf) governmentType (government type)
GulfCooperationCouncil (gulf cooperation council) governorSpeed (governor speed)
GulfLanguage (gulf language) grainSize (grain size)
GulfOfAden (gulf of aden) grammaticalRelation (grammatical relation)
GulfOfMexico (Gulf of mexico) grandfather (grandfather)
GulfOfOman (gulf of oman) grandmother (grandmother)
GumAndWoodChemicalManufacturing (gum and wood chemical manufacturing) grandparent (grandparent)
GumArabic (gum arabic) granularity (granularity)
Gun (gun) graphMeasure (graph measure)
GunBarrel (gun barrel) graphPart (graph part)
GunPowder (gun powder) grasps (grasps)
GreaterThan gunStock
GunStock (gun stock) greaterThan (greater than)
GunTrigger (gun trigger) greaterThanByQuality (greater than by quality)
GuriasoLanguage (guriaso language) greaterThanOrEqualTo (greater than or equal to)
GushEtzionWestBank (gush etzion west bank) grossMerchandiseBoughtInPeriod (GMB)
GushKatifGazaStrip (gush katif gaza strip) grossMerchandiseSoldInPeriod (GMV)
GushKhatifGazaStrip (gush khatif gaza strip) groundSubsurfaceType (ground subsurface type)
Gutrah (gutrah) groundSurfaceType (ground surface type)
Guyana (guyana) groupMember (group member)
GuyanaDollar (guyana dollar) groupingTitle (grouping title)
GuyaneseCreoleEnglishLanguage (guyanese creole english language) guest (guest)
GuyaneseCuisine (Guyanese Cuisine) guiElementCovered (GUI element covered)
Gymnast (gymnast) guiElementCoveredBy (GUI element covered by)
Gymnastics (gymnastics) guiElementPartiallyCovered (GUI element partially covered)
GypsumProductManufacturing (gypsum product manufacturing) guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy (GUI element partially covered by)
Gyrator (gyrator) guiElementUncovered (GUI element uncovered)
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