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Sigma KEE - PeaceKeepingMission

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(documentation PeaceKeepingMission EnglishLanguage "A military deployment which is intended to prevent hostilities between two other entities located in the same rough geographic area.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 21958-21960
(externalImage PeaceKeepingMission " commons/ 6/ 6f/ UN_Soldiers_in_Eritrea.jpeg") pictureList.kif 9537-9537
(subclass PeaceKeepingMission MilitaryOrganization) Mid-level-ontology.kif 21957-21957 子類 維護和平任務 and 軍事組織

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage PeaceKeepingMission "维护和平任务") domainEnglishFormat.kif 44887-44887
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage PeaceKeepingMission "維護和平任務") domainEnglishFormat.kif 44886-44886
(termFormat EnglishLanguage PeaceKeepingMission "peace keeping mission") domainEnglishFormat.kif 44885-44885

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