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Sigma KEE - patient
(patient ?PROCESS ?ENTITY) 的意思是 ?ENTITY 是 ?PROCESS 中一个可以被搬动、被告诉和能体验等的参与者。例如:在'那只猫吞掉了那只金丝雀'和'比利喜欢这啤酒' 的直接受事体会是 patient 的例子。注:一个Processpatient 可能会也可能不会因为该 Process 而经历结构上的变化。用 patient 这个 CaseRole 是当我们想尽可能以最广泛的代表来 要指出 Process 的受事体。
Parents 参与活动 (involvedInEvent ?EVENT ?THING) means that in the Process ?EVENT, the Entity ?THING plays some CaseRole.
Children accountUsedThe UserAccount used in a particular Process.
 控制(controlled ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that during the AchievingControl denoted by ?EVENT, ?OBJECT comes to be physically controlled by an AutonomousAgent.
 数据已处理The data being processed during a ComputerProcess.
 被告(defendant ?AGENT ?ACTION) means the LegalAction ?ACTION makes a legal claim against ?AGENT.
 defenseLawyerThe representative of the defendant in a criminal case or the respondant in a civil one. The goal of the defense is to prevent or reduce any punishment imposed on the client as a result of the case.
 被拘留者(detainee ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that in the Confining ?EVENT, the Object ?OBJECT is restrained by force, threat, or other form of intimidation.
 evidenceA relation between a LegalAction and some Physical Object or Process that is used to support an Argument in a case.
 实验控制(experimentalControl ?EXPERIMENT ?OBJ) means that the Object ?OBJ serves as a control in the instance of Experimenting ?EXPERIMENT, i.e. ?OBJ is the standard against which something else in the experiment can be compared.
 工具(instrument ?EVENT ?TOOL) means that ?TOOL is used by an agent in bringing about ?EVENT and that ?TOOL is not changed by ?EVENT. For example, the key is an instrument in the following proposition: The key opened the door. Note that instrument and resource cannot be satisfied by the same ordered pair.
 objectAttachedRelates an object that is attached to the Process of Attaching.
 objectDetachedRelates an object that is dettached to the Process of Detaching.
 objectTransferredA relation that specifies the object that is transferred during the process. For example, in a Mailing process, the object transferred is a letter or package.
 扮演The CaseRole of being a player of a game, as opposed to a judge or other supporting role.
 refereeThe CaseRole of being a judge or coordinator of a game, as opposed to a player in the game.
 资源(resource ?PROCESS ?RESOURCE) means that ?RESOURCE is present at the beginning of ?PROCESS, is used by ?PROCESS, and as a consequence is changed by ?PROCESS. For example, soap is a resource in the following proposition: the gun was carved out of soap. Note that resource differs from instrument, another subrelation of patient, in that its internal or physical properties are altered in some way by the Process.
 使用的资源(resourceUsed ?Process ?Resource) means that the ComputerProcess ?Process has access to the ComputerResource ?Resource.
 结果(result ?ACTION ?OUTPUT) means that ?OUTPUT is a product of ?ACTION. For example, house is a result in the following proposition: Eric built a house.
 攻击目标This relation identifies the patient in the event that is the object of the attack.
 运输(transported ?EVENT ?OBJ) means that ?OBJ is transported (carried/moved to a different physical location) in the Transportation ?EVENT.
 victimThe one who is the object of a CriminalAction and suffers its results.
 witnessA party in a LegalAction who has been the experiencer in some prior event that is evidence for the case. Note that this excludes the 'expert witness' who is just offering an opinion on the evidence. Note also that the defendant also may take the stand as a witness in his or her own case, as may other parties to the case.
Instances抽象体这些特质或质量,和任何以物理媒介化身的特质/质量不同。抽象 的实例在意义上,可以说是像数学物体如集合和关系般存在,但是它们不能没有任何物理编码或化身便存在于特定的时间 和地点。
 反对称关系一个 BinaryRelation ?REL 是 AntisymmetricRelation 如果不同的 ?INST1 和 ?INST2 是(?REL ?INST1 ?INST2) 不意味着 (?REL ?INST2 ?INST1)。也就是说当所有的 ?INST1 和 ?INST2 是 (?REL ?INST1 ?INST2)和 (?REL ?INST2 ?INST1) 意味着 ?INST1 和 ?INST2 是相同的。注:一个AntisymmetricRelation 有可能 是一个 ReflexiveRelation
 非对称关系一个 BinaryRelation 属于不对称关系 当且仅当它既是一个 AntisymmetricRelation 又是一个 IrreflexiveRelation
 二元谓语这是一个联系两个项目的 Predicate - 它的配价是二。
 二元关系 BinaryRelation 是只有在关系联系两样东西的时候 才算是真,框架理论以槽代表 BinaryRelation
 格角色这是一个 PredicateClass, 它把 Process 中可以从空间上区别的部分联系起来。 CaseRole 包括 agentpatient 或行动的 destination 这些例子、燃烧过程中的易燃物质,或是降雨过程中的雨水。
 实体The universal class of individuals. This is the root node of the ontology.
 可继承的关系这是一个 Relation 类别,它的特性可以是 通过 subrelation Predicate 把特性在类别的层次结构承传下去。
 非自反关系Relation ?REL 属于非自反关系当且仅当没有 一个?INST 是(?REL ?INST ?INST)。
 部分值关系一个 RelationPartialValuedRelation 是为了确保它不是一个 TotalValuedRelation,也就是说除了最后一个之外给每一个 参数位置分配一个值,但这不一定等于已经为最后一个参数位置设定赋值。注:如果一个 Relation既是 PartialValuedRelation 又是 SingleValuedRelation的话,那么它就是一个部分函数。
 谓语Predicate 是一个作句的 Relation,这个 Relation 的每一个元组都是物体有限、有序的的句子。一个特定组员是一个 Predicate 的元素这事实,由 '(*predicate* arg_1 arg_2 .. arg_n)'来表示, arg_i 是关联的事物。在 BinaryPredicate 的情况下, 可以读成 `arg_1 是 *predicate* arg_2' 或者 `arg_1 的一个 *predicate* 是 arg_2'。
 关系这是关系的 Class。现有三类的 Relation: PredicateFunctionListPredicateFunction 皆表示有序的n元组集合, 这两个 Class 的差别在于 Predicate 包括组成公式的运算符,而Function 则包括组成 术语的运算符,而一个 List 却是一个特定的有序n元组。
Belongs to Class 非对称关系

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