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J* J*
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ItalicLanguage (italic language) intelligenceQuotient (intelligence quotient)
ItaloDalmatianRomanceLanguage (italo dalmatian romance language) interestEarned (interest earned)
ItaloWesternRomanceLanguage (italo western romance language) interestRatePerPeriod (interest rate per period)
Italy (italy) interiorPart (interior part)
ItamarWestBank (itamar west bank) internationalDispute (international dispute)
Itching (itching) internetCountryCode (internet country code)
ItelmenLanguage (itelmen language) invadingVirus (invading virus)
IteneLanguage (itene language) inventory (inventory)
IteriLanguage (iteri language) inverse (inverse)
ItonamaLanguage (itonama language) involvedInEvent (involved in event)
Ivory (ivory) ipAddressOf (ip address of)
IvoryCoastFranc (ivory coast franc) ipOfDomain (IP of domain)
IyojwajaChoroteLanguage (iyojwaja chorote language) irreflexiveOn (irreflexiveOn)
IyowujwaChoroteLanguage (iyowujwa chorote language) irrigatedLandArea (irrigated land area)
IzmirTurkey (izmir turkey) issuedBy (issued by)
J* j*
JMainWestBank (J main west bank) jailer (jailer)
JOPES (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System) judge (judge)
JOPESManual (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Manual) judicialBranch (judicial branch)
JPGFile (JPG file) keyName (key name)
JaffaIsrael (jaffa israel) knows (knows)
JaffnaSriLanka (jaffna sri lanka) laborForceFractionByOccupation (labor force fraction by occupation)
Jailbreaking (jailbreak) laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod (labor force fraction by occupation in period)
Jain (jain) laborForceTotal (labor force total)
Jainism (jainism) laborForceTotalInPeriod (labor force total in period)
JakartaIndonesia (jakarta indonesia) lacks (lacks)
JalahIndia (jalah india) ladenDraft (laden draft)
Jallabiyyah (jallabiyyah) landAreaOnly (land area only)
JalpaiguriRailwayStationIndia (jalpaiguri railway station india) landlord (landlord)
Jamaica (jamaica) language (language)
JamaicanCuisine (Jamaican Cuisine) languagePercentInRegion (language percent in region)
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