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Sigma KEE - GeographicArea

这是一个地理位置,它一般拥有明确的界限。注:这个和它 直接的超类别 Region 的区别在于,GeographicArea 是地球的三维 Region。因此除了地球以外,所有的 天文物体与一维和二维 Region 都不被列入 GeographicArea
Parents 地区 A topographic location. Regions encompass surfaces of Objects, imaginary places, and GeographicAreas. Note that a Region is the only kind of Object which can be located at itself. Note too that Region is not a subclass of SelfConnectedObject, because some Regions, e.g. archipelagos, have parts which are not connected with one another.
Children 群岛地区An ArchipelagicArea is a GeographicArea including an Archipelago and the surrounding WaterArea.
 巴士车站An area, often, though not necessarily with seats or some kind of minimal shelter, where people gather to meet and board a bus. It must border a road.
 洞穴A Cave is a naturally formed opening beneath the surface of the Earth, generally formed by dissolution of carbonate bedrock. Caves may also form by erosion of coastal bedrock, partial melting of glaciers, or solidification of lava into hollow tubes.
 检查站An area on or very near a border, usually along a road connecting two regions, where MilitaryPersons or PoliceOfficers restrict the flow of traffic in order to extract tarrifs, deny movement to certain kinds of people or goods, or other enforement actions. Because of the power relationship involved, such areas are often the site of Illegal activities conducted by the officials in order to extract favors or bribes.
 生态系统Ecosystem is a subclass of GeographicAreas considered together with their organisms and environment as a functioning whole.
 地质断层GeologicalFault is the subclass of GeographicAreas in which there is a fracture in the Earth's crust and differential movement can occur on the two sides of the fault. Such movement results in EarthTremors and is the cause of Earthquakes.
 地缘政治区域Any GeographicArea which is associated with some sort of political structure. This class includes LandArea, Cities, districts of cities, counties, etc. Note that the identity of a GeopoliticalArea may remain constant after a change in borders.
 半球Hemisphere is the class of GeographicAreas that are halves of the Earth, as traditionally divided into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres along the equator and into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres along a north-south line running 20�W and 160�E.
 国际边界InternationalBorder is the subclass of GeographicAreas where the areas of two Nations meet.
 湖区A LakeRegion is a GeographicArea including land surrounding one or more Lakes.
 土地面积An area which is predominantly solid ground, e.g. a Nation, a mountain, a desert, etc. Note that a LandArea may contain some relatively small WaterAreas. For example, Australia is a LandArea even though it contains various rivers and lakes.
 土地形式A LandForm is the class of geographically and/or geologically distinct areas that occur on Earth's surface, including mountains, hills, plains, valleys, deltas, and features of submerged land areas such as the ocean floor.
 沿岸带A LittoralZone is an area along the shore of a large body of water, especially an Ocean or Sea, including the area extending from the high tide mark out to a depth of 200 meters. The littoral zone is of interest for its land features, e.g., slope gradient and soil composition, including features of its SubmergedLandArea.
 海事索赔区A MaritimeClaimArea is a GeographicArea delimited by a geopolitical state's claim, under the LawOfTheSea, of rights to certain resources, activities, or jurisdiction in the claimed area. MaritimeClaimAreas can pertain to WaterAreas, SubmergedLandAreas, and Airspace.
 市场An area, building, or set of buildings where FinancialTransactions are intended to take place. There should be more than one owner or renter of space or buildings within the marketplace.
 军事阵线A GeographicArea along which opposing military forces confront one another in a Battle.
 NeighborhoodNeighborhood refers to a GeographicArea that is a subregion of a larger geographic area, such as a City, normally with a distinctive feature
 停车场A ParkingLot is a GeographicArea that contains greaterThan one [1] ParkingRegion
 淹没的土地面积SubmergedLandArea is the class of land regions that are located beneath bodies of water.
 地面面积SurfaceGroundArea is a subclass of GeographicArea that is restricted to regions whose surface is solid ground. A SurfaceGroundArea may be a discontinuous region overlapping a larger, continuous GeographicArea but excluding any WaterAreas enclosed therein. Rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other surface water areas are not part of any SurfaceGroundArea.
 旅游景点A tourist site is a location that has some feature of interest to Tourists, which entertains or informs them.
 地下区域The class of regions located Below the surface of the earth.
 水域A body which is made up predominantly of water, e.g. rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.
 仅水区WaterOnlyArea is a subclass of GeographicArea that is restricted to regions whose surface is water. A WaterOnlyArea may be a discontinuous region overlapping a larger, continuous GeographicArea but excluding any LandAreas enclosed therein. Dry land areas, including islands, are not part of any WaterOnlyArea.

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