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cardCode CPUUtilizationFn
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ByteDance (ByteDance) buys (buys)
C-Rating (c- rating) caliber (caliber)
CBT (cross border trade) callDate (call date)
CBWExportControls (CBW export controls) canRunOn (can run on)
CD-R (CD-R) candidateForPosition (candidate for position)
CD-ROM (CD-ROM) canonicalPlaceName (canonicalPlaceName)
CD-RW (CD-RW) capability (capability)
CDDrive (CDDrive) capabilityDuring (capable during)
CDMANetwork (CDMA Network) capableAtLocation (capable at location)
CH46D (CH-46D Sea Knight) capacity (capacity)
CH53E (CH-53E Super Stallion) capacityByArrangement (capacity by arrangement)
CIAAirportLengthClassification (CIA airport length classification) capitalCity (capital city)
CONPLAN (CONPLAN) capitalExpendituresOfArea (capital expenditures of area)
CONPLANwithTPFDD (CONPLAN with TPFDD) capitalExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (capital expenditures of area in period)
CPU (CPU) cardAccount (card account)
CardCode cPUUtilizationFn
CPUUtilizationFn (CPU utilization) cardCode (card code)
CSGas (CS gas) cardinality (cardinality)
CTHostageMaterielRecovery (counter-terrorism hostage or materiel recovery operation) cargo (cargo)
CTIntelligenceOperation (counter-terrorism intelligence operation) cargoType (cargo type)
CTNonKineticActivity (counter-terrorism non-kinetic activity) carrierFrequency (carrier frequency)
CTNwInfraAttack (counter-terrorism network and infrastructure attack) carries (carries)
CVJoint (C.V. joint) catalogItem (catalogItem)
CYFA (CYFA) catalyst (catalyst)
CabCar (cab car) categoryID (category identifier string)
Cabbage (cabbage) categoryOf (category of)
CabindaAngola (cabinda angola) causes (causes)
CabinetFn (cabinet) causesProposition (causes proposition)
Cable (cable) causesSubclass (causes subclass)
CableAndOtherProgramDistribution (cable and other program distribution) cellShape (cellShape)
CableModem (CableModem) chamberOfLegislature (chamber of legislature)
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