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Sigma KEE - VideoDataStorageDevice

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(documentation VideoDataStorageDevice EnglishLanguage "An instance of VideoDataStorageDevice is a DataStorageDevice intended to be used for storing data obtained from visual inputs (e.g., eyes or cameras), in some encoding scheme that, given suitable technology, can be reproduced as visual outputs.") Media.kif 838-843
(subclass VideoDataStorageDevice DataStorageDevice) Media.kif 837-837 VideoDataStorageDeviceDataStorageDevicesubclass

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(subclass AudioVisualDataStorageDevice VideoDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 848-848 AudioVisualDataStorageDeviceVideoDataStorageDevicesubclass
(termFormat EnglishLanguage VideoDataStorageDevice "video data storage device") domainEnglishFormat.kif 65695-65695

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