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Sigma KEE - StationaryArtifact
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A StationaryArtifact is an Artifact that has a fixed spatial location. Most instances of this Class are architectural works, e.g. the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, office towers, single-family houses, etc.
Parents Artifact An Object that is the product of a Making.
Children ATMMachine(Automatic Teller Machine) A banking terminal that accepts deposits and dispenses cash. ATMs are activated by inserting a cash or credit card that contains the user's account number and PIN on a magnetic stripe. The ATM calls up the bank's computers to verify the balance, dispenses the cash and then transmits a completed transaction notice.
 BalconyA Balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, surrounded by some type of railing
 BarrierWN: a structure or object that impedes free movement
 BowlingLaneBowlingLane is a StationaryArtifact that acts as a Transitway for a BowlingBall to knock down pins
 BridgeBridge is the subclass of LandTransitways that are artifacts used for crossing water or air-filled gaps that could not be transited over a natural surface.
 BroadcastingStationA BroadcastingStation is an engineeringSubcomponent of either a TelevisionSystem or a RadioStation.
 BuildingThe Class of StationaryArtifacts which are intended to house Humans and their activities.
 BuildingLevelThe story or level of a building, e.g. the Basement, the Attic, the ground level, the fourteenth floor, etc.
 BuildingUnitA functional area of a Building that is used by an Organization to keep related people and activities physically close. This might be a particular grade level of a school, area of study of a university such as Botany department, or the phone sales team of a Corporation.
 CanalCanal is the subclass of navigable Waterways flowing through an artificial course. Typically, a canal is a Transitway connecting two bodies of water.
 CanalStructureA CanalStructure is the constructed framework, including Locks, that contains the waters of a Canal.
 CasinoCasino is a type of StationaryArtifact that has the purpose of housing gambling activities
 CeilingA StationaryArtifact that is the top surface of a Room.
 ChimneyA thin passageway through which Smoke from a controlled fire is conducted Outside of a Building or Room.
 CourtyardCourtyard is an unroofed area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings
 CurbA raised concrete or asphalt structure that connects a Sidewalk with a Roadway.
 DamDam is the subclass of StationaryArtifacts that are walls built across a stream or river to hold back water.
 DanceHallDanceHall is a StationaryArtifact equipped with floors amenable to Dancing and devices that blare out MakingMusic
 DoorwayA StationaryArtifact consisting of a frame that holds a Door.
 EducationalFacilityA building or campus, owned by an EducationalOrganization, which is intended as the location for EducationalProcesses.
 FarmA StationaryArtifact consisting of a cultivated LandArea and Buildings for maintaining the land and/or the Animals on the land.
 FenceA StationaryArtifact that serves to demarcate or to prevent access to or from the area that the Fence surrounds.
 FireplaceA Device in a Building which is used for burning wood, coal, etc for heat.
 FloorA StationaryArtifact that is the bottom surface of a Room.
 GarageA Building or part of a Building which is intended to house one or more RoadVehicle when they are not in use or are under repair.
 HotelUnitHotelUnit describes the basic unit that a traveler sleeps in when he is in TravelerAccomodation. It can be a Room or a detached Building
 IndustrialPlantA Building or part of a Building or group of Buildings whose purpose is to Manufacture something.
 LaboratoryA Building, Room or suite of Rooms where scientific research, i.e. Experimenting, is conducted.
 LanaiLanai refers to a roofed outdoor area %&Adjacent to a Building often furnished and used as a living room
 MilitaryInstallationA StationaryArtifact consisting of grounds and Buildings that is intended to be used by a MilitaryOrganization.
 MineAn construction in the earth from which Minerals are removed, either in pure form or as part of ores.
 MonumentA StationaryArtifact whose purpose is to commemorate a person, animal or event.
 PerformanceStageA large platform for theatrical plays, lectures, dances, music recitals, etc, which can be observed by an audience.
 PerformanceStageWingA part of the PerformanceStage that is not visible to members of the audience.
 PlaceOfCommerceA Building or part of a Building which is intended for organizational activities, e.g. retail or wholesale selling, manufacturing, office work, etc.
 PorchA StationaryArtifact which is connected to a Building and which provides some shelter in entering or leaving the Building or in sitting outside.
 PostalPlaceA PostalPlace is any LocalizablePlace that can have a postal address, and to which hardcopy mail (letters, packages, etc.) can be delivered.
 PrisonAn installation which is owned and maintained by a Government for the purpose of Confining people. This class covers jails, federal prisons, concentration camps, gulags, etc.
 RailroadTrackRailroadTrack is the class of StationaryArtifacts consisting of rails laid on supports to form a track for railway vehicles.
 RailwayRailway is the subclass of LandTransitways that have rails along which Trains may travel. A railway consists of the rail bed, sleepers, tracks, electric rails, switches, sensors, lights, crossing grades, and any other integral machinery or parts of a section of railway.
 RecordingStudioA RecordingStudio is a StationaryArtifact, such as a Room or Building that has the necessary equipment to professionaly produce a Recording.
 ResidenceA Building or part of a Building which provides some accomodation for sleeping.
 RoofThe top of a Building.
 RoomA properPart of a Building which is separated from the exterior of the Building and/or other Rooms of the Building by walls. Some Rooms may have a specific purpose, e.g. sleeping, bathing, cooking, entertainment, etc.
 RunningTrackRunningTrack is a StationaryArtifact which serves as a path for people running
 SidewalkA prepared path for pedestrians alongside a Roadway.
 SportsFacilityA specially designated and maintained facility where Sports are played. Note that this covers sports fields, stadiums, and gymnasiums.
 SportsGroundA specially designated and maintained area where Sports are played.
 StairwayA StationaryArtifact which allows one to climb, step by step, from one level to another.
 SteepleA component of a ReligiousBuilding that is tall and narrow and symbolizes the connection between humanity and a deity.
 StepsA StationaryArtifact which allows one to climb, step by step, from one level to another.
 SwimmingPoolA FluidContainer that is filled with Water and that is used for Swimming.
 TombA StationaryArtifact which is meant to contain someone who is Dead.
 TransitTerminalA TransitTerminal is a place where travellers or transportation devices begin or end their journeys, or where passengers and/or goods may be transferred. At a terminal, TransportationDevices may be received, assigned, sent out, or stored.
 TunnelTunnel is a subclass of Transitways that consist of a lengthwise enclosed Hole that allows for transit underground, as through mountains, below a body of water, or beneath a city.
 VotingPollA structure where Voting for an Election takes place.
 WallA StationaryArtifact that supports a Building or partitions it into Rooms.
 WMDWeaponsProductionFacilityFacilities where instances of WeaponOfMassDestruction are built.
 WMDWeaponsResearchFacilityFacilities where research on instances of WeaponOfMassDestruction is performed.
 WorkshopA Room, suite of Rooms or Building which is devoted to hand-crafting Artifacts.

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