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LockedAccount LockedAccount
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Loam (loam) links (links)
Loan (loan) liquidity (liquidity)
LoanCommitment (loan commitment) listedOn (listed on)
Lobster (Lobster) listingBidder (listing bidder)
LobsterMeat (lobster) listingBuyer (listing buyer)
Local (local) listingSeller (listing seller)
LocalChurch (LocalChurch) load (load)
LocalChurchOfLatterDaySaints (LocalChurchOfLatterDaySaints) loanFeeAmount (loan fee amount)
LocalMessengersAndLocalDelivery (local messengers and local delivery) loanForPurchase (loan for purchase)
LocalRomanCatholicChurch (LocalRomanCatholicChurch) loanInterest (loan interest)
LocalizablePlace (LocalizablePlace) localLongName (local long name)
LocalizablePlaceID (LocalizablePlaceID) localShortName (local short name)
Locating (locating) located (located)
Lock (lock) locatedAtTime (located at time)
Locked (locked) locationMeasuringList (location measuring list)
LockedAccount lockedAccount
LockerbieUnitedKingdom (lockerbie united kingdom) loggedInDuring (logged-in during)
Locksmiths (locksmiths) losesControl (loses control)
LocoMeat (loco) loss (loss)
Locomotive (locomotive) loudness (loudness)
LocomotiveCoalCar (locomotive coal car) lowAltitudeWindSpeed (low altitude wind speed)
Locust (locust) lowAltitudeWindVelocity (low altitude wind velocity)
LoftStyle (loft style) lowTide (lowTide)
LogFn (log) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (lowest decile share of household income)
Logging (logging) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (lowest decile share of household income in period)
LoggingIn (login) lowestTemperatureForPeriod (lowest temperature for period)
LogicalOperator (logical operator) lyricist (lyricist)
LoginFailure (LoginFailure) magneticVariation (magnetic variation)
Logo (Logo) managedBy (managed by)
LogronoSpain (logrono spain) manner (manner)
LogudoreseSardinianLanguage (logudorese sardinian language) manufacturer (manufacturer)
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