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Hallucinating Hallucinating
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Hair (hair) greaterThanOrEqualTo (greater than or equal to)
HairDryer (hair dryer) grossMerchandiseBoughtInPeriod (GMB)
HairNailAndSkinCareServices (hair nail and skin care services) grossMerchandiseSoldInPeriod (GMV)
HairRemoval (hair removal) groundSubsurfaceType (ground subsurface type)
HaislaLanguage (haisla language) groundSurfaceType (ground surface type)
Haiti (haiti) groupMember (group member)
HaitianCreoleFrenchLanguage (haitian creole french language) groupingTitle (groupingTitle)
HaitianCuisine (Haitian Cuisine) guest (guest)
HaitianGourde (haitian gourde) guiElementCovered (guiElementCovered)
HaitianVodounCultureLanguage (haitian vodoun culture language) guiElementCoveredBy (guiElementCoveredBy)
Hajj (hajj) guiElementPartiallyCovered (guiElementPartiallyCovered)
HakkaLanguage (HakkaLanguage) guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy (guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy)
HalfBoard (half board) guiElementUncovered (guiElementUncovered)
HalfMarathon (half-marathon) habitatOfOrganism (habitatOfOrganism)
HalfWaveSinglePhaseRectifier (half wave single phase rectifier) half (half)
Hallucinating hallucinating
Hallucination (Hallucination) hardwareType (hardware type)
Hallucinogen (hallucinogen) hasAccount (has account)
Hallway (hallway) hasAcrossVariable (has across variable)
HaloTeSuLanguage (halo te su language) hasAward (has award)
HamburgGermany (hamburg germany) hasDependency (has dependency)
HamisMiliyanaAlgeria (hamis miliyana algeria) hasDimension (has dimension)
Hammer (hammer) hasExpertise (has expertise)
Hammock (hammock) hasGUEState (hasGUEState)
HamraWestBank (hamra west bank) hasMolecularStructuralAttribute (has molecular structural attribute)
Hamster (hamster) hasOccupation (has occupation)
HamstringMuscle (ham) hasPurpose (has purpose)
Hand (hand) hasPurposeForAgent (has purpose for agent)
HandAndEdgeToolManufacturing (hand and edge tool manufacturing) hasSkill (has skill)
HandGesture (hand gesture) hasThroughVariable (has through variable)
HandGrenade (hand grenade) hasUniform (has uniform)
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