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unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod UserRequest
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UruguayanPeso (uruguayan peso) tributary (tributary)
UruguayanSignLanguage (uruguayan sign language) trichotomizingOn (trichotomizing on)
UsStateCode (UsStateCode) trustedDevice (trusted device)
UsedCarDealers (used car dealers) trusts (trusts)
UsedHouseholdAndOfficeGoodsMoving (used household and office goods moving) truth (truth)
UsedItem (used) typicalAction (typicalAction)
UsedMerchandiseStores (used merchandise stores) typicalPart (typical part)
UserAccount (user account) typicalTemporalPart (typicalTemporalPart)
UserAction (UserAction) typicallyContainsPart (typically contains part)
UserDirectAction (UserDirectAction) typicallyContainsTemporalPart (typicallyContainsTemporalPart)
UserID (UserID) udaCanSignify (udaCanSignify)
UserInterface (UserInterface) uncle (uncle)
UserName (user name) underageUser (underageUser)
UserNamePasswordAuthentication (user and password authentication) underlier (underlier)
UserPasswordLogin (UserPasswordLogin) unemploymentRateOfArea (unemployment rate of area)
UnemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod userRequest
UserRequest (user request) unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod (unemployment rate of area in period)
UserSignifiedAction (UserSignifiedAction) uniqueIdWithRespectTo (uniqueIdWithRespectTo)
UserSignifiedGraphicalAction (UserSignifiedGraphicalAction) uniqueIdentifier (unique identifier)
UsingAResource (usingA resource) unitMeasuringPerformance (unit measuring performance)
UsingAnAccount (using an account) unitNumber (unit number)
Utah (utah) unitPrice (unitPrice)
Utilities (utilities) unpaidItem (unpaid item)
Utility (utility) unratifiedSignatoryToAgreement (unratified signatory to agreement)
Utility-Strictness (utility- strictness) urlString (url)
UtoAztecanLanguage (uto aztecan language) userDatabase (user database)
UyghurLanguage (uyghur language) userFeedbackScore (user feedback score)
UzbekEthnicity (uzbek ethnicity) userIDString (user identifier string)
UzbekiCuisine (Uzbeki Cuisine) userName (userName)
Uzbekistan (uzbekistan) uses (uses)
UzbekistaniSom (uzbekistani som) utterance (utterance)
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