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holidayTimeInArea HydraulicCylinder
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Hungary (hungary) headquartersOfOrganization (headquarters of organization)
Hungry (hungry) heartRate (heartRate)
Hunting (hunting) height (height)
HuntingAndTrapping (hunting and trapping) highAltitudeWindSpeed (high altitude wind speed)
HupdeLanguage (hupde language) highAltitudeWindVelocity (high altitude wind velocity)
HurghadaEgypt (hurghada egypt) highTide (highTide)
HuronLanguage (huron language) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (highest decile share of household income)
Hurricane (hurricane) highestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (highest decile share of household income in period)
HurricaneSeason (hurricane season) highestTemperatureForPeriod (highest temperature for period)
HutteriteGermanLanguage (hutterite german language) hinders (hinders)
HwlaLanguage (hwla language) hindersSubclass (hindersSubclass)
Hybrid-Strictness (hybrid- strictness) holdsDuring (holds during)
Hybrid-SystemBehavior (hybrid- system behavior) holdsObligation (holds obligation)
HyderabadIndia (HyderabadIndia) holdsRight (holds right)
HydraCushionFreightCar (hydra cushion freight car) hole (hole)
HolidayTimeInArea hydraulicCylinder
HydraulicCylinder (hydraulic cylinder) holidayTimeInArea (holiday time in area)
HydraulicFluid (hydraulic fluid) home (home)
HydroElectricPowerGeneration (hydro electric power generation) homeAddress (home address)
Hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon) homePage (homepage)
HydrocarbonEmissionsIssue (hydrocarbon emissions issue) homePhoneNumber (homePhoneNumber)
Hydrogen (hydrogen) hopes (hopes)
HydrogenCyanide (hydrogen cyanide) hostJitter (host jitter)
Hydrometer (hydrometer) hostOf (host of)
HydrophilicLipidHead (hydrophilic lipid head) hostStatus (host status)
HydrophilicSide (hydrophilic side) hostedOn (hosted on)
HydrophobicLipidTail (hydrophobic lipid tail) hostileForces (hostile forces)
HydrophobicSide (hydrophobic side) hotSeasonInArea (hot season in area)
HydropowerWaterArea (hydropower water area) humanCapacity (human capacity)
HypertextLink (hyperlink) humanName (humanName)
Hypothalamus (hypothalamus) husband (husband)
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