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VolumeFlow (volume flow) vegetationTypePattern (vegetation type pattern)
VolumeMeasure (volume measure) version (version)
VoluntaryHealthOrganizations (voluntary health organizations) vesselDeadWeightTonnage (vessel dead weight tonnage)
VoluntaryMuscle (VoluntaryMuscle) vesselDisplacement (vessel displacement)
Volunteering (Volunteering) vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage (vessel gross registered tonnage)
Vomit (vomit) victim (victim)
Vomiting (vomiting) viewType (view type)
VoterAgeRequirement (voter age requirement) viewedItemList (list of viewed items)
VoterCitizenshipRequirement (voter citizenship requirement) viewedListing (viewed listing)
Voting (voting) visibilityInMeteorology (visibility in meteorology)
VotingFn (voting) visitorParameter (visitor profile parameter)
VotingPoll (voting poll) voltageMeasure (voltage measure)
Vowel (vowel) voltageRatingPrimary (primary voltage rating)
VulnerableSpecies (VulnerableSpecies) voltageRatingSecondary (seconary voltage rating)
Vulture (vulture) voteFractionReceived (vote fraction received)
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WMDWeaponsProductionFacility (WMD weapons production facility) wants (wants)
WMDWeaponsResearchFacility (WMD weapons research facility) warmSeasonInArea (warm season in area)
WadiAlDabaatYemen (wadi al dabaat yemen) watchingListings (watching listings)
WadiAraIsrael (wadi ara israel) waterAreaOnly (water area only)
WadiKeltWestBank (wadi kelt west bank) waterDepth (water depth)
Wading (wading) waveHeight (wave height)
Wagon (wagon) wavelength (wavelength)
WaioliLanguage (waioli language) weaponCarryingCapability (weapon carrying capability)
Waist (waist) wears (wears)
Waiter (waiter) webPageURL (url)
WakashanLanguage (wakashan language) webPurchases (web purchases)
WakeIsland (wake island) webSales (web sales)
WakeUpService (wake-up service) webSeller (web seller)
WakingUp (waking up) webStoreAdvertisement (web store advertisement)
WakonaLanguage (wakona language) webVisitor (web visitor)
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