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BusinessToBusiness (business to business transaction) bodyAngle (body angle)
BusinessToConsumer (business to consumer transaction) boilingPoint (boiling point)
BusinessTrip (business trip) bondRating (bond rating)
Bust (bust) borrower (borrower)
Butte (butte) bottom (bottom)
Butter (butter) brandIcon (brand icon)
Butterfly (butterfly) broker (broker)
ButterflySpread (butterfly spread) brother (brother)
ButternutSquash (butternut squash) browserID (browser identifier string)
Button (button) burialplace (burialplace)
Buying (buying) burnInPeriod (burn-in period)
BwindiforestUganda (bwindiforest uganda) businessHours (business hours)
Byron (Byron) businessUnit (business unit)
Byte (byte) buyingPowerAmount (buying power amount)
ByteDance (ByteDance) buys (buys)
C* c*
C-Rating (c- rating) caliber (caliber)
CBT (cross border trade) callDate (call date)
CBWExportControls (CBW export controls) canCarry (can carry)
CD-R (cd-R) canRunOn (can run on)
CD-ROM (cd-ROM) candidateForPosition (candidate for position)
CD-RW (cd-RW) canonicalPlaceName (canonical place name)
CDDrive (cd drive) capability (capability)
CDMANetwork (CDMA Network) capabilityDuring (capable during)
CH46D (CH-46D Sea Knight) capableAtLocation (capable at location)
CH53E (CH-53E Super Stallion) capacity (capacity)
CIAAirportLengthClassification (CIA airport length classification) capacityByArrangement (capacity by arrangement)
CONPLAN (CONPLAN) capitalCity (capital city)
CONPLANwithTPFDD (CONPLAN with TPFDD) capitalExpendituresOfArea (capital expenditures of area)
CPU (CPU) capitalExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (capital expenditures of area in period)
CPUUtilizationFn (CPU utilization) cardAccount (card account)
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