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Sigma KEE - Removing
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The Class of Processes where something is taken away from a location. Note that the thing removed and the location are specified with the CaseRoles patient and origin, respectively.
Parents Transfer Any instance of Translocation where the agent and the patient are not the same thing.
Children AbortingRemoving a human fetus from a Pregnant woman in such a way that the fetus cannot survive.
 AmputatingAmputation is the removal of a limb by trauma, medical illness, or surgery. As a surgical measure, it is used to control pain or a disease process in the affected limb, such as malignancy or gangrene. In some cases, it is carried out on individuals as a preventive surgery for such problems. [from Wikipedia] Note that to distinguish this from a minor loss of part of a limb this must include loss of some Bone.
 BiopsyAny DiagnosticProcess which involves the examination of BodySubstances taken from a living Organism.
 BirthThe Process of being born.
 BleedingAirThe process of removing fluid under pressure to locate and remove pockets of Air. This is done typically in hydraulic applications since air is compressible, and therefore undesirable in a hydraulic line.
 CircumisionRemoving the foreskin of the penis. This is usually performed on infants, but is occasionally performed on adolescents and adults, either for medical reasons, or after religious conversion. It is often conducted as a religious rite, since it is prescribed by both the Jewish and Muslim religions, although it is prevalent also as a social norm in different nations.
 DryingThe Class of Processes where a Liquid is removed from an Object.
 ErosionErosion is a wearing process on LandForms by wind, running water, ice, heat, and other processes, in which rock and soil material are removed from one area and deposited elsewhere.
 ExcretingExcreting is a type of OrganismProcess that discharges waste from tissues, organs or the body
 ExfiltrationThe removal of personnel or units from areas under enemy control by stealth, deception, surprise, or clandestine means.
 HairRemovalRemoving (some or all) the Hair from the body of an Animal. Note that this covers shaving hair, cutting hair, pulling hair out by the roots, etc.
 HarvestingGathering the plants, animals or fish as results of Agriculture. It inevitablely involves the dead of the OragnicObject being harvested as a result.
 MoultingMoulting is the Process whereby %Organism casts off a part of its body (often, but not always, an outer layer or covering) as a normal part of its life.
 PeelingRemoving the Skin (or part of the Skin) from an Organism. Note that this class covers a large range of cases, including peeling an orange, pelting an Animal, etc.
 SanitationSanitation is the class of processes by which human waste and garbage are disposed of.
 SweepingRemoving small particles from the floor by means of a Broom.
 ThoracentesisThoracentesis, also known as thoracocentesis pleural tap, needle thoracostomy, or needle decompression (often used term), is an invasive medical procedure to remove Fluid or Air from the pleural space for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. A cannula, or hollow needle, is carefully introduced into the thorax, generally after administration of local Anesthesia. The recommended location varies depending upon the source. Some sources recommend the midaxillary line, in the eighth, ninth, or tenth intercostal space. Whenever possible, the procedure should be performed under ultrasound guidance, which has shown to reduce complications. Tension Pneumothorax is a medical emergency that requires needle decompression before a chest tube is placed.[from Wikipedia]
 UncoveringThe Class of Removing processes where the agent uncovers the patient, either completely or only partially.
 WashingRemoving small particles from something by means of a Detergent and Water.

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