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KutenaiLanguage (kutenai language) intialPart (intialPart)
Kuwait (kuwait) invadingVirus (invading virus)
KuwaitCityKuwait (kuwait city kuwait) inventory (inventory)
KuwaitiDinar (kuwaiti dinar) inverse (inverse)
KwakiutlLanguage (kwakiutl language) involvedInEvent (involved in event)
KwanyamaLanguage (Kwanyama language) ipAddressOf (ip address of)
KwaviLanguage (kwavi language) ipOfDomain (IP of domain)
KwintiLanguage (kwinti language) irreflexiveOn (irreflexiveOn)
KwomtariGroupLanguage (kwomtari group language) irrigatedLandArea (irrigated land area)
KwomtariLanguage (kwomtari language) issuedBy (issued by)
KyasanurForestDisease (kyasanur forest disease) jailer (jailer)
KyasanurForestDiseaseVirus (kyasanur forest disease virus) judge (judge)
KyrgyzLanguage (Kyrgyz language) judicialBranch (judicial branch)
Kyrgyzstan (kyrgyzstan) keyName (key name)
KyrgyzstaniSom (kyrgyzstani som) knows (knows)
L* l*
L1 (L1) laborForceFractionByOccupation (labor force fraction by occupation)
L1VertebraBone (L1 vertebra bone) laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod (labor force fraction by occupation in period)
L2VertebraBone (L2 vertebra bone) laborForceTotal (labor force total)
L3VertebraBone (L3 vertebra bone) laborForceTotalInPeriod (labor force total in period)
L4VertebraBone (L4 vertebra bone) lacks (lacks)
L5VertebraBone (L5 vertebra bone) ladenDraft (laden draft)
LAN (LAN) landAreaOnly (land area only)
LARBattalion (LAR battalion) landlord (landlord)
LARPlatoon (LAR platoon) language (language)
LARUnit (LAR unit) languagePercentInRegion (language percent in region)
LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) larger (larger)
LAV25 (LAV-25) lastRenovation (last renovation)
LCAC (LCAC hovercraft) lastStatement (last statement)
LEAPS (LEAPS) lastStatementBalance (last statement balance)
LED (LED) leader (leader)
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