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Sigma KEE - ComputerProcess
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An instance of ComputerProcess is a process which manipulates data in the computer.
Parents InternalChange Processes which involve altering an internal property of an Object, e.g. the shape of the Object, its coloring, its structure, etc. Processes that are not instances of this class include changes that only affect the relationship to other objects, e.g. changes in spatial or temporal location.
Children AbortTo exit a function or application without saving any data that has been changed.
 ComputerBackingUpThe Process of Copying DigitalData to prevent loss of that data resulting from some error or accident in the future.
 ComputerResponseA ComputerProcess which attempts to comply with a user's request.
 ComputerTaskIn a multitasking environment, an independently running program or subprogram. Each task is assigned a task number.
 DataCompressionEncoding data to take up less storage space.
 DataSavingA process of copying the document, record or image being worked on onto a storage medium. Saving updates the file by writing the data that currently resides in memory (RAM) onto disk or tape. Most applications prompt the user to save data upon exiting.
 DataTransferA subclass of ComputerProcesses which send data over a computer channel or bus.
 DeletingDataA ComputerProcess that makes some DigitalData unusable for any other ComputerProcess.
 DHCPServerA ComputerProcess that is actively running the DHCPProtocol and assigning IPAddresses to computers that connect to the network.
 JailbreakingA jailbreak is the act or tool used to perform the act of breaking out of a chroot or jail in UNIX-like operating systems or bypassing digital rights management (DRM). In the former case, it allows the user to see files outside of the filesystem that the administrator intends to make available to the application or user in question. In the context of DRM, this allows the user to run arbitrarily defined code on devices with DRM as well as break out of chroot-like restrictions. The term originated with the iPhone/iOS jailbreaking community and has also been used as a term for PlayStation Portable hacking; these devices have repeatedly been subject to jailbreaks, allowing the execution of arbitrary code, and sometimes have had those jailbreaks disabled by vendor updates. (from Wikipedia)
 MeasuringPerformanceEach element of MeasuringPerformance is an event of measuring the performance of an instance of ComputerComponent, performed by a MonitoringProgram.
 MountingADeviceThe ComputerProcess whereby a Computer sets up a peripheral, getting any required information about its presence and characteristics and setting up any data structures that are required before its actual and intended use.
 MultitaskingThe running of two or more programs in one computer at the same time. The number of programs that can be effectively multitasked depends on the type of multitasking performed (preemptive vs cooperative), CPU speed and memory and disk capacity.
 RestoringDataA ComputerProcess that makes DigitalData that has been deleted, again accessible for other ComputerProcess
 ReusingAResourceTo use the same resource again.
 UserRequestA request made by a ComputerUser, such as looking up a customer record.
 UserSignifiedActionA UserSignifiedAction is an action signified by physical action taken by a ComputerUser in interacting with a ComputerProcess -- scrolling, selecting a link, moving a cursor, ... -- not physical action itself (clicking a button, moving a mouse, touching a screen, ...). Often several different types UserDirectAction (q.v.) could signify the same UserSignifiedAction.
 UsingAResourceA ComputerProcess which requires access to a ComputerResource.
 WindowScrollingWindowScrolling consists of a ComputerProcess moving as a block the contents of a frame in a window (when the logical size of the contents is greater than that of the frame) without moving the window itself.

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