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zone de terre
An area which is predominantly solid ground, e.g. a Nation, a mountain, a desert, etc. Note that a LandArea may contain some relatively small WaterAreas. For example, Australia is a LandArea even though it contains various rivers and lakes.
Parents secteur g�ographique A geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immediate superclass Region in that a GeographicArea is a three-dimensional Region of the earth. Accordingly, all astronomical objects other than earth and all one-dimensional and two-dimensional Regions are not classed under GeographicArea.
Children ArableLandArableLand is the subclass of LandArea that represents land in cultivation with crops that are replanted after each harvest, e.g., wheat and rice.
 CampgroundA LandArea whose purpose is to have MobileResidences (e.g. recreational vehicles, mobile homes, Tents, etc.) located there.
 CemeteryA LandArea which is used for burying the dead.
 villeA LandArea of relatively small size, inhabited by a community of people, and having some sort of political structure. Note that this class includes both large cities and small settlements like towns, villages, hamlets, etc.
 CityBlockA square-shaped area surrounded by Roadways which is part of a City and typically contains Buildings.
 continentAs defined in the CIA World Fact Book, Continent covers seven land masses: Africa, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Note that Australia, counted as a continent in some other systems, is included in Oceania in the Fact Book. As a consequence, there is no Nation which is also a Continent.
 CountyA GeopoliticalArea that is larger than a city, usually encompassing several cities, and smaller than a StateOrProvince. Aside from City, this is the smallest geopolitical subdivision, and it is known by various names in various countries, e.g. parrish, commune, etc.
 CultivatedLandAreaA LandArea which is dedicated to Agriculture, e.g. Lawns, gardens, and fields for growing crops.
 DesertDesert is a subclass of LandAreas that are arid regions having sparse or no vegetation.
 FieldA LandArea that has been cleared of BotanicalTrees. Note that a Field is not necessarily used for the cultivation of crops and that a Field may be very small, e.g. Lawn is a subclass of Field.
 ForestForest is the class of large LandAreas that are covered by trees and associated undergrowth, either growing wild or managed for the purpose of timber production.
 GrasslandGrassland is the class of LandAreas where the predominant vegetation is some kind of grass.
 IrrigatedLandIrrigatedLand is the subclass of LandArea representing land whose water supply is artificially supplied or supplemented.
 �leA LandArea that is completely surrounded by a WaterArea.
 IsthmusAn Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses and is bordered on two sides by water.
 JungleJungle is a subclass of fertile LandAreas that are overgrown with tropical vegetation.
 LandlockedAreaLandlockedArea is the class of LandAreas that lack access to an Ocean or to a Waterway providing a link to the ocean.
 LandTransitwayLandTransitway is the subclass of Transitway that represents areas intended for motion over the ground.
 nationThe broadest GeopoliticalArea, i.e. Nations are GeopoliticalAreas that are not part of any other overarching and comprehensive governance structure (excepting commonwealths and other sorts of loose international organizations).
 OasisOasis is a subclass of LandAreas that are fertile places within a desert, which have water and some vegetation.
 ParkA LandArea which is intended to be used for recreation and/or exercise.
 PermanentCropLandPermanentCropLand is the subclass of LandArea that represents land cultivated for crops that are produced without replanting after every harvest, such as fruit trees, coffee, rubber, nuts, and vineyards. Does not include timberland. Cf. arableLandArea.
 PiedmontA Piedmont is a LandArea at the foot of mountains.
 ShoreAreaA ShoreArea is a LandArea approximately 1-3 km wide bordering a body of water, such as an ocean, bay, river, or lake. A ShoreArea may comprise a variety of LandForms, such as dunes, sloughs, and marshes.
 ShorelineShoreline is the class of LandAreas that are the edge of a larger land mass abutting a bordering WaterArea.
 Etat ou provinceAdministrative subdivisions of a Nation that are broader than any other political subdivisions that may exist. This Class includes the states of the United States, as well as the provinces of Canada and European countries.
 WatershedDivideA WatershedDivide is a summit area, or narrow tract of higher ground that constitutes the watershed boundary between two adjacent drainage basins, it divides the surface waters that flow naturally in one direction from those that flow in the opposite direction.

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