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Sigma KEE - ContentBearingObject
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objet exprimant un sens
Any SelfConnectedObject that expresses content. This content may be a Proposition, e.g. when the ContentBearingObject is a Sentence or Text, or it may be a representation of an abstract or physical object, as with an Icon, a Word or a Phrase.
Parents ContentBearingPhysical Any Object or Process that expresses content. This covers Objects that contain a Proposition, such as a book, as well as ManualSignLanguage, which may similarly contain a Proposition.
  objet corpusculaire A SelfConnectedObject whose parts have properties that are not shared by the whole.
Children AccountAn agreement to provide something over a period of time in return for providing compensation, which may just be access to a user's transactions or personal information.
 CompassA Device that indicates the direction of the various DirectionalAttributes with respect to the device.
 ConstitutionDocumentConstitutionDocument is the class of information-containing objects in which the &$Constitution of a government is encoded.
 DocumentInstances of Document are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey propositional content via Text (LinguisticExpressions, seen or heard), Images, or some combination of these (e.g., an audio clip included in an electronic document consisting mostly of VisualText and some Images). Formally, a Document constitutes any ContentBearingObject that is an Artifact conventionally typically intended to be transmitted and assimilated as a meaningful whole. An Article or a Book would be a Document, but a Word or Paragraph typically would not.
 FeedbackThe class of all messages to a resource management program from one of its processes.
 HolidayCardA stiff piece of Paper, usually folded over, which is sent to others in celebration of a Holiday.
 MultipoleDiagramGraphical representation of a MultipoleModel.
 PlayingCardA small piece of stiff paper with markings which is intended to be used for playing card games.
 ProcessStateThe class of all the information required for a ComputerProgram to run on a processor. It is a vector that contains a pointer to the next program instruction to be executed as well as the values of all intermediate and defined variables, the state of the processor executing the program, and the allocated address space among other data.
 RecordingRecording refers to a ContentBearingObject that represents some Process that happened in real life
 SheetMusicSheetMusic refers to the ContentBearingObject that contains a representation of a MusicalComposition, using different musical symbols
 ShipRegisterA ShipRegister is a record of each Ship and owner registered with the maritime authorities of a country or possession, colony, or territory of a country. Ships on the ShipRegister of a given region fly the flag of that region and are subject to its maritime regulations and rules of taxation.
 ShipRegistrationShipRegistration is the official document containing information about the ownership, size, and flag state (flag of registry) of an individual Ship, as registered in the ShipRegister maintained by the maritime authorities of a particular Nation or OverseasArea of a nation. A ship flies the flag of its registered nation or area, and the ship is subject to the maritime regulations and rules of taxation of its flagState.
 SignA Sign is a DisplayArtifact that displays any range of information
 texteA LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related to Communication, e.g. express a discourse about a particular topic, and that are inscribed in a CorpuscularObject by Humans.
 UniformResourceIdentifierA UniformResourceIdentifier (URI) is a compact string of characters for identifying an abstract or physical resource. A URI can be further classified as a locator, a name, or both (source:
 UserAccountAn established relationship between a user and a computer, network or information service. User accounts require a username and password, and new user accounts are given a default set of permissions.
 VisualContentBearingObjectInstances of VisualContentBearingObject are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey meaning as the result of being seen.
 WebDocumentknowledge base document - a document in natural language representing one piece of knowledge in the knowledge base

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