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voltageMeasure WorldLaborIssues
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WoodWindowAndDoorManufacturing (wood window and door manufacturing) validFor (valid for)
Wool (wool) validPaymentType (valid payment type)
Word (word) validityPeriod (validity period)
WorkLeave (WorkLeave) vegetationType (vegetation type)
WorkerInsect (worker insect) vegetationTypePattern (vegetation type pattern)
Working (working) version (version)
Workshop (workshop) vesselDeadWeightTonnage (vessel dead weight tonnage)
WorldBankGNIPerCapitaLevel (world bankGNI per capita level) vesselDisplacement (vessel displacement)
WorldBankGroup (world bank group) vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage (vessel gross registered tonnage)
WorldConfederationOfLabor (world confederation of labor) victim (victim)
WorldCustomsOrganization (world customs organization) viewType (view type)
WorldFederationOfTradeUnions (world federation of trade unions) viewedItemList (list of viewed items)
WorldFoodProgram (world food program) viewedListing (viewed listing)
WorldHealthOrganization (world health organization) visibilityInMeteorology (visibility in meteorology)
WorldIntellectualPropertyOrganization (world intellectual property organization) visitorParameter (visitor profile parameter)
VoltageMeasure worldLaborIssues
WorldLaborIssues (world labor issues) voltageMeasure (voltage measure)
WorldMeteorologicalOrganization (world meteorological organization) voltageRatingPrimary (primary voltage rating)
WorldOcean (world ocean) voltageRatingSecondary (seconary voltage rating)
WorldTourismOrganization (world tourism organization) voteFractionReceived (vote fraction received)
WorldTradeOrganization (world trade organization) wants (wants)
Worm (worm) warmSeasonInArea (warm season in area)
Worry (worry) watchingListings (watching listings)
WreckingAndDemolitionContractors (wrecking and demolition contractors) waterAreaOnly (water area only)
Wrench (wrench) waterDepth (water depth)
Wrestler (Wrestler) waveHeight (wave height)
Wrestling (Wrestling) wavelength (wavelength)
Wrist (wrist) weaponCarryingCapability (weapon carrying capability)
WriteOnceDataStorage (WriteOnceDataStorage) wears (wears)
Writer (writer) webPageURL (url)
Writing (writing) webPurchases (web purchases)
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