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localShortName LutheranChurch
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LugandaLanguage (LugandaLanguage) lifeStageAchieved (life stage achieved)
LuggageAndLeatherGoodsStores (luggage and leather goods stores) limitPrice (limit price)
LuggageManufacturing (luggage manufacturing) lineMeasure (line measure)
LuleVilelaLanguage (lule vilela language) linearExtent (linearExtent)
LumberAndOtherConstructionMaterialsWholesalers (lumber and other construction materials wholesalers) links (links)
LumberIndustry (lumber industry) liquidity (liquidity)
LumberPlywoodMillworkAndWoodPanelWholesalers (lumber plywood millwork and wood panel wholesalers) listedOn (listed on)
Lumen (lumen) listingBidder (listing bidder)
Lunch (lunch) listingBuyer (listing buyer)
LunchTime (lunch time) listingSeller (listing seller)
LundaNorteAngola (lunda norte angola) load (load)
Lung (lung) loanFeeAmount (loan fee amount)
LuoLanguage (luo language) loanForPurchase (loan for purchase)
Lutetium (lutetium) loanInterest (loan interest)
Lutheran (lutheran) localLongName (local long name)
LocalShortName lutheranChurch
LutheranChurch (LutheranChurch) localShortName (local short name)
Lux (lux) located (located)
Luxembourg (luxembourg) locatedAtTime (located at time)
LuxembourgFranc (luxembourg franc) locationMeasuringList (location measuring list)
LuxembourgeoisLanguage (luxembourgeois language) loggedInDuring (logged-in during)
LuxorEgypt (luxor egypt) losesControl (loses control)
LyingDown (lying down) loss (loss)
LymphNode (lymph node) loudness (loudness)
Lynching (lynching) lowAltitudeWindSpeed (low altitude wind speed)
LyonCuisine (Lyon Cuisine) lowAltitudeWindVelocity (low altitude wind velocity)
LyonsFrance (lyons france) lowTide (lowTide)
LyonsSignLanguage (lyons sign language) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (lowest decile share of household income)
LyricalComponentFn (lyrical component function) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (lowest decile share of household income in period)
LyricalContent (lyrical content) lowestTemperatureForPeriod (lowest temperature for period)
Lyrics (lyrics) lyricist (lyricist)
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