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distance DustStorm
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DrywallPlasteringAcousticalAndInsulationContractors (drywall plastering acoustical and insulation contractors) disapproves (disapproves)
DualGauge (dual gauge) discography (discography)
DualGaugeRailway (DualGaugeRailway) discovers (discovers)
DualObjectProcess (dual object process) diseaseIncubation (disease incubation)
DualPurposeCattleRanchingAndFarming (dual purpose cattle ranching and farming) diseaseMortality (disease mortality)
DublinIreland (dublin ireland) diseaseSymptom (disease symptom)
Duck (duck) diseaseTreatment (disease treatment)
DuckMeat (duck) disjoint (disjoint)
Ducking (ducking) disjointDecomposition (disjoint decomposition)
DuesseldorfGermany (duesseldorf germany) disjointRelation (disjoint relation)
DugitGazaStrip (dugit gaza strip) diskTypeForDrive (diskTypeForDrive)
DurangoSpain (durango spain) dislikes (dislikes)
DushanbeAirportTajikistan (dushanbe airport tajikistan) displayTitle (displayTitle)
DushanbeGarmTajikistan (dushanbe garm tajikistan) displayedUpon (displayedUpon)
DushanbeTajikistan (dushanbe tajikistan) disputedPossession (disputed possession)
Distance dustStorm
DustStorm (dust storm) distance (distance)
DutchBasedCreoleLanguage (dutch based creole language) distanceOnPath (distanceOnPath)
DutchCreoleLanguage (dutch creole language) distributes (distributes)
DutchCuisine (Dutch Cuisine) distrusts (distrusts)
DutchGuilder (dutch guilder) documentation (documentation)
DutchLanguage (dutch language) domain (domain)
DutchReformedChurch (DutchReformedChurch) domainSubclass (domain subclass)
DutchSignLanguage (dutch sign language) domesticPartner (domestic partner)
DutyFree (duty free) doubts (doubts)
DutyTax (duty tax) downPayment (down payment)
DynamicDataStream (dynamic data stream) dressCode (dressCode)
DynamicMultipole (dynamic multipole) drugShipmentDestination (drug shipment destination)
Dysprosium (dysprosium) drySeasonInArea (dry season in area)
DzhidiLanguage (dzhidi language) duration (duration)
DzongkhaLanguage (DzongkhaLanguage) during (during)
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