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transformerCapacity transformerCapacity
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Trail (trail) totalBiomass (total biomass)
Trailer (trailer) totalCoastline (total coastline)
Train (train) totalFacilityTypeInArea (total facility type in area)
TrainStation (train station) totalGDP (totalGDP)
TraitAttribute (trait attribute) totalGDPInPeriod (totalGDP in period)
Tranquility (tranquility) totalLandBoundary (total land boundary)
TransNewGuineaLanguage (trans new guinea language) totalLengthOfHighwaySystem (total length of highway system)
Transaction (transaction) totalLengthOfRailwaySystem (total length of railway system)
TransactionAttribute (transaction attribute) totalLengthOfWaterways (total length of waterways)
TransactionCollection (collection of transactions) totalOrderingOn (total ordering on)
Transducer (transducer) totalPipelineInArea (total pipeline in area)
Transfer (transfer) totalPrecipitationForPeriod (total precipitation for period)
TransferSwitch (transfer switch) trackWidth (track width)
TransferringPosition (transferring position) trafficableForTrafficType (trafficable for traffic type)
Transformer (transformer) transactionAmount (transaction amount)
TransformerCapacity transformerCapacity
Transient-SystemBehavior (transient- system behavior) transitwayCapacityCount (transitway capacity count)
TransientPath (transient path) transitwayCapacityRate (transitway capacity rate)
Transistor (transistor) translatedTitle (translated title)
TransitAndGroundPassengerTransportation (transit and ground passenger transportation) transported (transported)
TransitFn (transit) travelPolicyClause (travel policy clause)
TransitRoute (transit route) traverse (traverse)
TransitShelter (transit shelter) traverses (traverses)
TransitStop (transit stop) treatedPage (treated page)
TransitSystem (transit system) treatedPageDefinition (treated page definition)
TransitTerminal (transit terminal) treatedUser (treated user)
TransitionalAdministration (transitional administration) treatmentGroup (treatment group)
TransitionalGovernment (transitional government) tributary (tributary)
TransitiveRelation (transitive relation) trichotomizingOn (trichotomizing on)
Transitway (transitway) trustedDevice (trusted device)
TransitwayJunction (transitway junction) trusts (trusts)
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