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Sigma KEE - Device
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A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of Process.
Parents artifact An Object that is the product of a Making.
Children aeratorA Device whose purpose is to mix Substances with Air.
 animal controllerAny Device which is used to control the movements of an Animal or Human, e.g. leashes, reins, harnesses, muzzles, bridles, shackles, handcuffs, etc.
 animal powered deviceAnimalPoweredDevice is the subclass of Devices that function with power supplied by animals. Examples: oxcarts, horse-drawn plows, mule-driven mills.
 attaching deviceA Device whose purpose is to attach one thing to something else, e.g. nails, screws, buttons, etc.
 audio recorderAudioRecorder is a type of Device that creates an AudioRecording by capturing sound and storing it in a DataStorageDevice
 mufflerA part of an AutomobileExhaustSystem that serves to reduce the amount of noise transmitted from the Engine to the environment.
 axleAxle is a class of Devices each of which can be paired with two VehicleWheels to rotate and move a RoadVehicle.
 ball bearingA small Metal Sphere designed for use in applications where it is desirable to reduce friction between two parts.
 barricadeWN: a barrier (usually thrown up hastily so as to impede the advance of an enemy), they stormed the barricade
 batonA thin stick which is used for MusicalConducting.
 brakeAny device that is designed to slow and stop the Motion of an object. This include brakes on wheeled vehicles as well as rock climbing equipment that uses friction to slow decent when rappelling.
 brake caliperA Device assembly that presses a BrakePad against a BrakeRotor.
 brake drumA rotating surface that is pressed on by the BrakeShoe.
 brake pedalA brake pedal is a device inside a vehicle that has the purpose of being pushed to activate the bakes of the vehicle. Although normally pushed with the foot, this concept also covers handicapped-accessible devices mounted on the steering column that can be activated by pressing with the hands or fingers.
 brake rotorA rotating Metal disc that is pressed upon by a BrakePad to cause vehicle braking.
 brush or combA Device which consists of a handle and bristles and whose purpose is to remove particles from something or to smooth something out.
 camAn eccentric lobe that presses against a valve or level as it rotates.
 cameraA Device which is capable of Photographing.
 canal lock gate
 carabinerA carabiner or karabiner is a specialized type of shackle, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components, most notably in safety-critical systems. [from Wikipedia] Some carabiners have locking gates, or wire gates, or bent gates.
 chimneyA thin passageway through which Smoke from a controlled fire is conducted Outside of a Building or Room.
 cleaning deviceAny Device whose purpose is Cleaning something.
 clutchA Device used to engage and disengage moving parts. It consists of a friction plate and a spring-loaded mechanism that engages the plate with varying force as the clutch is released. In an Automobile it ultimately connects the Engine with the Gearbox. For the purposes of this definition, we consider the DeviceOn state of the clutch to mean that it is not engaged with the clutch plate.
 combustion chamberAny host of a HoleRegion that is intended to contain Combustion events.
 compassA Device that indicates the direction of the various DirectionalAttributes with respect to the device.
 contraceptive deviceDevices which permit sexual intercourse but which reduce the likelihood of conception.
 cooling deviceA Device whose purpose is Cooling something, e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.
 cutting deviceAny Device whose purpose is Cutting something else. This class covers knives of all times, axes, saws, razors, chisels etc.
 damperA Device designed to lessen or to remove a Tremor from a PhysicalSystem. Examples include a car's air shocks, or rubber and fluid-filled foundation mounts for buildings in earthquake-prone areas.
 data storage deviceAn instance of DataStorageDevice is a Device intended to be used for storing data (information).
 distributorA mechanical Device that is part of an InternalCombustionEngine that sends electric power to the SparkPlugs at intervals that track the speed of engine rotation. They have been largely superceded in modern Automobile engines by electronic devices.
 doorAn Artifact that restricts and permits access to a StationaryArtifact (e.g. Building or Room) depending on whether the Door is open or locked. Note that the class Door also covers gates, because it is not possible to define objective criteria that reliably distinguish doors from gates.
 drivebeltA Pliable belt that links two Pulleys
 drying deviceDryingDevice refers to any Device used as an instrument in the Drying process
 earphoneEarphone is a type of Device that that converts electric signals into sound and is usually held over or inserted in the ear
 electrical outletElectricalOutlet refers to a Device that is used to connect a plug to a power source so that Electricity can flow from the source to an ElectricDevice
 electric deviceA Device that uses Electricity as its primary power source.
 engine chokeA device to restrict the flow of Air to an engine, typically when cold, that increases the Fuel to Air ratio.
 engine connecting rodA Device that connects the Piston to the Crankshaft.
 engineering componentA fundamental concept that applies in many engineering domains. An EngineeringComponent is an element of a Device that is a physically whole object, such as one might see listed as standard parts in a catalog. The main difference betweeen EngineeringComponents and arbitrary globs of matter is that EngineeringComponents are object-like in a modeling sense. Thus, an EngineeringComponent is not an arbtrary subregion, but a part of a system with a stable identity.
 exhaust manifoldA junction of several Tubes, which take exhaust Gases from the Engine Cylinders and route them to the AutomobileMuffler and Tailpipe. Note that this class also includes what are known as headers, since a header is essentially just a high performance manifold.
 explosive deviceA Device whose purpose is to explode. Note that ExplosiveDevice is not a subclass of Weapon, since explosives can be used in demolition work and in fireworks displays, for example.
 file deviceA Device whose purpose is to make something smoother. For example, a nail file is used to even out the tips of one's finger nails.
 filterA Device whose purpose is to remove part of a Mixture that is passed through the Filter.
 fire alarmFireAlarm is a Device that releases a distinctive noise to inform people that there is a Fire
 fire extinguisherA Device used to StopFn small Fire which is possible for Human to carry
 fireplaceA Device in a Building which is used for burning wood, coal, etc for heat.
 fuel atomizerA Device designed to atomize fuel to put into a GasMixture for use in Combustion. In a gas-powered automobile that typically has 14.7 parts air per part gasoline. Principal subclasses are FuelInjectors and Carburetors.
 gasketA Device that is designed to allow two imperfect surfaces to mate cleanly, without gaps, and therefore prevent leakage of any Liquids.
 gas pedalA Device that controls the flow of Fuel (which may be Diesel as well as Gasoline) to the Engine.
 grease fittingA grease fitting is a small Device that is designed for use with a GreaseGun, and includes a Valve that lets Grease get pumped into (but not out of) a small space, for the purpose of Lubricating parts.
 grease gunA Device used to inject Grease through a GreaseFitting or other mechanicm. This includes manual guns that use some sort of lever action for mechanical advantage as well as electric or battery-powered guns.
 hammerA Device that is used to pound Nails into a surface, where they become firmly attached.
 heating deviceA Device whose purpose is Heating something, e.g. electric heaters, heat lamps, ovens, stoves, etc.
 heat sealerA HeatSealer is a machine used to seal products, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials using heat. This can be with uniform thermoplastic monolayers or with materials having several layers, at least one being thermoplastic. Heat sealing can join two similar materials together or can join dissimilar materials, one of which has a thermoplastic layer. (Wikipedia)
 holderA large class of Devices whose purpose is to hold something else, i.e. be the instrument of a Keeping.
 internet access pointInternetAccessPoint refers to a Device that allows another Device to access and use the Internet
 ironing boardIroningBoard is a type of Device consisting of a flat, padded board used as a surface for ironing
 jumper cableA Wire with Clamps on both ends, designed for making temporary electrical connections.
 keyboardA Keyboard has a set of keys for typing on to transmit data corresponding to those keys or to cause physical action such as striking or plucking a string, opening a valve, or marking of the selected keys on paper or some other surface.
 knock lightKnockLight is a type of Device that hasPurpose to flash light when a door knock is made. It is used by the hearing impaired
 keyboardThe half of a laptop that contains the keyboard and possibly other electronics such as a trackpad. Note that although not every laptop has a keyboard part, every laptop should have a screen.
 clamshellThe half of a laptop that contains the screen and possibly other electronics such as a camera. Note that a touchscreen laptop might not have a keyboard (at least not permanently attached).
 leverAnything which is actually used as a lever, since many things can be used as such, regardless of the intent during their Manufacture. A lever necessarily has a Fulcrum around which the lever exhibits Rotating. A lever has a mechanical advantage at the point of output compared to the point of input of force.
 lidA Lid is a Covering Device. It sits at the top when being a part of the Container. It has the capability of Opening and Closing
 light fixtureAny Device whose purpose is to be a source of visible light.
 machineMachines are Devices that that have a well-defined resource and result and that automatically convert the resource into the result.
 major appliance
 match deviceA small stick of carboard or wood that is treated with chemicals that can be easily ignited with friction. MatchDevices are used for starting fires.
 material handling equipmentMaterialHandlingEquipment is a class of Devices that are equipment used for handling goods and supplies more efficiently or safely. Examples are cranes, hoists, forklifts, conveyors, racks, etc.
 measuring deviceAny Device whose purpose is to measure a PhysicalQuantity.
 dieA Device for creating a MechanicalNut out of a Rod.
 tapA Device for creating a Bolt out of a piece of metal (or other hard material) with a Hole in it.
 medical deviceA Device that is intended to be used in a DiagnosticProcess or a TherpeuticProcess.
 musical instrumentA Device which is manipulated by a Human and whose purpose is MakingMusic.
 optical deviceA Device which enables someone to see something more clearly or with greater magnification.
 outlet adapterAn OutletAdapter is a device that, on one side has HoleRegion and on another side has metal prongs so that an ElectricalPlug can fit into an ElectricalOutlet
 painting deviceA Device used as an instrument for Painting. Paintbrushes, rollers or sprayers can belong into this class.
 pendulumA Machine of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity.
 power sourceA source of electrical power.
 recreation or exercise deviceA Device whose purpose is RecreationOrExercise.
 reelA Device for Keeping something Pliable and LongAndThin in place, typically in a coiled shape.
 rocker armA Device located in the Cylinder head of a FourStrokeEngine that opens a Valve. It is typically activated by contact from a Cam on the Camshaft.
 rodAny LongAndThin object that has some structural function in another Device.
 safety deviceAny Device that is designed to prevent (or lessen the likelihood of) the Injuring of a Human.
 screwdriverA Device that is used to rotate a Screw, which by the action of its helical threads is driven into a medium that is softer than the material of the screw itself.
 security deviceA Device whose purpose is to protect people or property from kidnappers and/or thieves.
 self powered deviceSelfPoweredDevice is the subclass of Devices whose action is powered by some kind of on-board component or power source (not the user, which would be a UserPoweredVehicle).
 smoke detectorSmokeDetector is a Device that is able to Discovering the presence of Smoke
 smoking deviceAny Device whose purpose is Smoking.
 speakerSpeakerDevice is a type of device that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance
 governorAny Device that is designed to limit the speed of an object under power.
 springa metal device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed
 sprinklerSprinkler is a type of Device that loosely distributes a substance, either solid (e.g. Salt or herbs) or liquid (e.g. water sprinkler)
 tablewareDevices that are used in Ingesting (Eating and/or Drinking) a meal. This coves dishware, flatware, and glassware.
 telephone cradleTelephoneCradle is the part of the Telephone that is connected to the TelephoneSystem through some wire.
 telephone handsetTelephoneHandset is the part of the Telephone that has a Earphone and a Microphone for the transmission and reception of sound
 tireAny Pliable object with a ConvexRoundShape that is designed to cover the WheelRim, and provide a WearingFrictionSurface that can be replaced more cheaply and/or easily than the rim. It may also increase traction, and provide some shock absorbtion or act as a Damper, thus smoothing the ride of a Vehicle.
 tire chainAny web of chains designed to be mounted covering a tire, to increase traction of the tire on soft surfaces. While primarily for use on snow in passenger vehicles, these devices can be used on any other soft surface for the same purpose.
 tire changerA Device for putting Tires on WheelRims, or removing them.
 toiletA Device for the disposal of wastes resulting from urination and defecation.
 toyAny Device that hasPurpose of being used for play - that is RecreationOrExercise but not an AerobicExerciseDevice or AnaerobicExerciseDevice.
 traffic light
 transducerA Device which is capable of converting one form of energy into another. Formally, a Twoport that neither stores nor dissipates, but only transfers energy between its two ports.
 transfer switchAn electrical switch that switches a load between two PowerSource
 transportation deviceA TransportationDevice is a Device which serves as the instrument in a Transportation Process which carries the patient of the Process from one point to another.
 tripodTripod refers to a Device with 3 legs to support some other Object
 unpowered deviceAny Device that lacks a part that is a power source.
 vehicle controllerAny Device which is used to start, stop or control the movements of a Vehicle. This class covers steering wheels, brakes, acceleration pedals, airplane sticks, etc.
 vehicle doorAn equivalent to a Door but in a Vehicle, rather than a StationaryObject.
 roof barsA structure designed to be attached to, or made as part of a RoadVehicle, to which cargo, or cargo-carrying Containers may be temporarily attached.
 walking caneA Device which has the form of a staff with a handle and which enables some people to walk with greater assurance.
 washerA thin plate made of a durable material in the shape of a Circle with a HoleRegion in it, designed to isolate an object fixed by a Bolt from the head of the bolt or from contact with a MechanicalNut.
 washing deviceAny Device whose purpose is Washing something, e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs, etc.
 weaponThe Class of Devices that are designed primarily to damage or destroy Humans/Animals, StationaryArtifacts or the places inhabited by Humans/Animals.
 wearing friction surfaceA device designed to cause friction and exhibit a particular process of wear. This includes items such as brake pads and match striking surfaces on a matchbox.
 wheel chockA Device that is designed to keep a Vehicle's Wheels, and thus the vehicle itself, from moving.
 rimThe rigid portion of a Wheel on a RoadVehicle that is designed to have a Tire that covers it.
 wrenchA Device that is designed to apply a rotational force to an AttachingDevice, such as a Bolt.
 writing deviceA Device whose purpose is to be an instrument of Writing, e.g. pens, pencils, crayons, etc.

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