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Agent Agent
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AfricanDevelopmentBank (african development bank) achievement (achievement)
AfrikaansBasedCreoleLanguage (afrikaans based creole language) acquaintance (acquaintance)
AfrikaansLanguage (afrikaans language) acronym (acronym)
AfroAsiaticLanguage (afro asiatic language) actedIn (acted in)
AfroSeminoleCreoleLanguage (afro seminole creole language) actionTendency (action tendency)
Afternoon (afternoon) activePolicy (active policy)
AfternoonFn (afternoon of) activityCapability (activity capability)
Aftershock (aftershock) adjacentOrientation (adjacent orientation)
AfulaIsrael (afula israel) administrativeCenter (administrative center)
AgavotaguerraLanguage (agavotaguerra language) administrator (administrator)
AgeGroup (age group) advertisedOn (advertised on)
AgenciesBrokeragesAndOtherInsuranceRelatedActivities (agencies brokerages and other insurance related activities) affiliatedOrganization (affiliated organization)
Agency (agency) afterTaxIncome (after tax income)
AgencyForTheFrenchSpeakingCommunity (agency for the french speaking community) age (age)
AgencyForTheProhibitionOfNuclearWeaponsInLatinAmericaAndTheCaribbean (agency for the prohibition of nuclear weapons in latin america and the caribbean) ageOfMajorityForProcess (age of majority for process)
Agent agent
AgentID (agent ID) agent (agent)
AgentOfOrganismFn (Agent of organism fn) agentName (agent name)
AgentPatientProcess (agent patient process) agentOperatesInArea (agent operates in area)
AgentPoweredVehicle (agent powered vehicle) agreementAdoptionDate (agreement adoption date)
AgentsAndManagersForArtistsAthletesEntertainersAndOtherPublicFigures (agents and managers for artists athletes entertainers and other public figures) agreementClause (agreement clause)
AghuGroupLanguage (aghu group language) agreementEffectiveDate (agreement effective date)
AghuIndonesianLanguage (aghu indonesian language) agreementEffectiveDuring (agreement effective during)
AghuTharnggaluLanguage (aghu tharnggalu language) agreementExpirationDate (expiration date)
Agnostic (agnostic) agreementPeriod (agreement period)
Agnosticism (agnosticism) agreementRevisionDate (agreement revision date)
Agreement (agreement) agriculturalArtifactType (agricultural artifact type)
AgreementOrganizationFn (agreement organization) agriculturalProductType (agricultural product type)
AgriTurkey (agri turkey) agriculturalProductTypeByRank (agricultural product type by rank)
AgriculturalArtifact (agricultural artifact) aimOfOrganization (aim of organization)
AgriculturalChemicalsIssue (agricultural chemicals issue) airTemperature (air temperature)
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