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viewedListing VacuumGauge
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Uzbekistan (uzbekistan) utterance (utterance)
UzbekistaniSom (uzbekistani som) vaccine (vaccine)
VCRSystem (vcr system) valence (valence)
VHSCassette (VHS cassette) validFor (valid for)
VSTOL (V/STOL) validPaymentType (valid payment type)
VSeriesNerveAgent (V series nerve agent) validityPeriod (validity period)
VX (VX) vegetationType (vegetation type)
Vacationing (vacationing) vegetationTypePattern (vegetation type pattern)
VaccinatableDisease (vaccinatable disease) version (version)
Vaccination (vaccination) vesselDeadWeightTonnage (vessel dead weight tonnage)
Vaccine (vaccine) vesselDisplacement (vessel displacement)
VacciniaVirion (vaccinia virion) vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage (vessel gross registered tonnage)
VacciniaVirus (vaccinia virus) victim (victim)
Vacuum (vacuum) viewType (view type)
VacuumCleaner (vacuum cleaner) viewedItemList (list of viewed items)
ViewedListing vacuumGauge
VacuumGauge (vacuum gauge) viewedListing (viewed listing)
VacuumHose (vacuum hose) visibilityInMeteorology (visibility in meteorology)
VafsiLanguage (vafsi language) visitorParameter (visitor profile parameter)
Vagina (vagina) voltageMeasure (voltage measure)
ValenciaSpain (valencia spain) voltageRatingPrimary (primary voltage rating)
ValencianCuisine (Valencian Cuisine) voltageRatingSecondary (seconary voltage rating)
Valet (valet) voteFractionReceived (vote fraction received)
ValetLaundryService (valet laundry) wants (wants)
ValetParking (valet parking) warmSeasonInArea (warm season in area)
ValidCard (valid card) watchingListings (watching listings)
ValidDeductiveArgument (valid deductive argument) waterAreaOnly (water area only)
ValleduparColombia (valledupar colombia) waterDepth (water depth)
Valley (valley) waveHeight (wave height)
ValueStock (value stock) wavelength (wavelength)
Valve (valve) weaponCarryingCapability (weapon carrying capability)
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