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experimenter ExterminatingAndPestControlServices
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ExplosiveMine (explosive mine) exactlyLocated (exactly located)
ExplosiveSubstance (explosive substance) exclusiveEvent (exclusive)
ExplosivesManufacturing (explosives manufacturing) executiveBranch (executive branch)
ExponentiationFn (exponentiation) exhaustiveAttribute (exhaustive attribute)
Exporting (exporting) exhaustiveDecomposition (exhaustive decomposition)
Expressing (expressing) exists (exists)
ExpressingApproval (expressing approval) expects (expects)
ExpressingDisapproval (expressing disapproval) experiencer (experiencer)
ExpressingFarewell (expressing farewell) experimentID (experiment identifier string)
ExpressingInLanguage (expressing in language) experimentUpdate (live experiment update)
Expressway (expressway) experimentalControl (experimental control)
ExtendedFishingZone (extended fishing zone) experimentalControlProcess (experimental control (process))
ExtendedFishingZoneFn (extended fishing zone) experimentalSubject (experimental subject)
Extension (extension) experimentalTreatmentCollection (experimental treatment)
ExtensionFn (extension) experimentalVariableProcess (experimental variable (process))
Experimenter exterminatingAndPestControlServices
ExterminatingAndPestControlServices (exterminating and pest control services) experimenter (experimental subject)
ExternalAgency (external agency) exploits (exploits)
ExternalDiskDrive (external disk drive) exportCommodityType (export commodity type)
ExternalHardDiskDrive (external hard disk drive) exportCommodityTypeByRank (export commodity type by rank)
ExternalTransfer (external transfer) exportPartner (export partner)
ExtinctInTheWildSpecies (extinct in the wild species) exportPartnerByFraction (export partner by fraction)
ExtinctSpecies (extinct species) exportPartnerByFractionInPeriod (export partner by fraction in period)
ExtracellularEnvelopedVirionVaccinia (extracellular enveloped virion vaccinia) exportPartnerByRank (export partner by rank)
ExtramaduranLanguage (extramaduran language) exportPartnerByRankInPeriod (export partner by rank in period)
Eye (eye) exportPartnerInPeriod (export partner in period)
EyeGlass (eye glass) exportTotalInPeriod (export total in period)
EyeIris (eye iris) expressedInLanguage (expressed in language)
EyeMotion (eye motion) extensionFn (extensionFn)
EyeOfCyclone (eye of cyclone) externalDebt (external debt)
Eyelid (eyelid) externalDebtInPeriod (external debt in period)
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