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一个 Organization 是一家公司或者是类似的机构。 Organizationmember 通常有着共同的一向和功能。注:这个类别也包括组织的分支和部门等等。例如: 壳牌石油公司和壳牌的会计部都是 Organization 的实例。也有注意:一家 Organization 的成立需要起码存在 一位 member(因为 OrganizationCollection 的子类别)因此,对于纯粹法律上的组织,我们应该假设 以一个虚拟的 member
Parents 施事体 Something or someone that can act on its own and produce changes in the world.
  群组 A Collection of Agents, e.g. a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, or the local Boy Scout troop.
Children BusinessAn instance of Business is an Organization that is a CommercialAgent.
 护理组织Any Organization whose purpose is to provide medical care for for Humans who reside there, either permanently or temporarily.
 ClubA Club is an Organization of people that share some desire
 佣金A small, temporary Organization whose purpose is to investigate some issue.
 沟通组织CommunicationOrganization is the subclass of Organizations that manage Communications over physical infrastructure owned or leased by the organization. Such organizations may also produce and disseminate information, entertainment, or other content. Also see MediaOrganization.
 CopyrightAuthorityAn instance of CopyrightAuthority is an Organization with whom a creative work may or must be registered for the purpose of establishing copyright.
 CrossFunctionalTeamAn Organization where members of that organization have different skills, but a common Entity inScopeOfInterest.
 CustomerSupportAn Organization which is a businessUnit of a company, that hasPurpose of having its members be customerRepresentatives.
 教育机构A EducationalOrganization is an institution of learning. Some examples are public and private K-12 schools, and colleges and universities.
 金融机构The class FinancialOrganization includes, as subclasses, BankFinancialOrganization, CreditUnion and SavingsAnLoans.
 政府组织GovernmentOrganization is the class of official Organizations that are concerned with the government of a GeopoliticalArea at some level. They may be a subOrganization of a government.
 HotelFrontDeskHotelFrontDesk is a subOrganization of a TravelerAccommodation that takes charge of all CheckInService and CheckOutService transactions. They often do other miscellaneous things too at the request of the hotel guest
 国际组织InternationalOrganization is the class of Organizations whose activities have international scope and which typically have members who are, or are from, different Nations.
 司法组织JudicialOrganization is the class of Organizations whose primary purpose is to render judgments according to the statutes or regulations of a government or other organization. Judicial bodies are not necessarily government organizations, for example, those associated with sporting associations.
 立法组织LegislativeOrganization is the class of Organizations that have as their main purpose the passing of laws or regulations.
 MarchingBandMarchingBand refers to a group of instrumental musicians perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching with their musical performance.
 媒体组织MediaOrganization is the subclass of Organization for groups whose primary purpose is the production or dissemination of media content. For organizations that physically enable Communication, see CommunicationOrganization.
 冶金厂MetallurgicalPlant is the subclass of Organization that includes metal refining and manufacturing plants. Such plants typically release extremely toxic waste which can pollute air and groundwater if not properly treated.
 非盈利机构Any Organization whose purpose is something other than making a profit.
 组织委员会Part of an Organization that is responsible for managing the Organization.
 政治机构An Organization that is attempting to bring about some sort of political change.
 宗教机构An Organization whose members share a set of religious beliefs.
 安全部门The Organization that is charged with ensuring the security of members of the overall Organization and the property of the Organization.
 服务组织An Organization that performs a public service and is regulated by the Government.
 船员A ShipCrew is an Organization of people who operate a Ship, Plane, Train, or other transportation vehicle.
 体育联盟An Organization whose members are SportsTeams and whose purpose is to set up games between its members.
 股市General term for the organized trading of stocks through exchanges and over-the-counter.
 运输当局TransportationAuthority is the class of Organizations that are responsible for one or more systems of transportation, usually within a particular GeopoliticalArea.
 工会组织An Organization comprised of workers from the same Corporation or Industry. The purpose of the UnionOrganization is to strengthen its representation in bargaining with the Corporation or Industry.

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