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leader LaGabarraVenezuela
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KyrgyzstaniSom (kyrgyzstani som) knows (knows)
LAN (LAN) laborForceFractionByOccupation (labor force fraction by occupation)
LARBattalion (LAR battalion) laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod (labor force fraction by occupation in period)
LARPlatoon (LAR platoon) laborForceTotal (labor force total)
LARUnit (LAR unit) laborForceTotalInPeriod (labor force total in period)
LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) lacks (lacks)
LAV25 (LAV-25) ladenDraft (laden draft)
LCAC (LCAC hovercraft) landAreaOnly (land area only)
LEAPS (LEAPS) landlord (landlord)
LED (LED) language (language)
LEDLightFixture (LEDLightFixture) languagePercentInRegion (languagePercentInRegion)
LIleRousseFrance (Lile rousse france) larger (larger)
LaCeibaHonduras (la ceiba honduras) lastRenovation (last renovation)
LaCrosseEncephalitis (la crosse encephalitis) lastStatement (last statement)
LaCrosseVirus (la crosse virus) lastStatementBalance (last statement balance)
Leader laGabarraVenezuela
LaGabarraVenezuela (la gabarra venezuela) leader (leader)
LaGuajiraColombia (la guajira colombia) leaderPosition (leader position)
LaPazBolivia (la paz bolivia) legalGuardian (legal guardian)
LaVictoriaVenezuela (la victoria venezuela) legalRelation (legal relation)
LaalLanguage (laal language) legalSystemType (legal system type)
LabaLanguage (laba language) legislativeBranch (legislative branch)
Label (label) lender (lender)
LaborIssues (labor issues) length (length)
LaborStriking (labor striking) lengthOfBroadGaugeRailway (length of broad gauge railway)
LaborUnionsAndSimilarLaborOrganizations (labor unions and similar labor organizations) lengthOfCrudeOilPipeline (length of crude oil pipeline)
Laboratory (laboratory) lengthOfDualGaugeRailway (length of dual gauge railway)
LaboratoryApparatusAndFurnitureManufacturing (laboratory apparatus and furniture manufacturing) lengthOfElectrifiedRailway (length of electrified railway)
Lacrosse (Lacrosse) lengthOfExpresswaySystem (length of expressway system)
LacrossePlayer (LacrossePlayer) lengthOfMultipleTrackRailway (length of multiple track railway)
LacrosseTeam (LacrosseTeam) lengthOfNarrowGaugeRailway (length of narrow gauge railway)
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