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Object4801Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geo...^
    SelfConnectedObject1627A SelfConnectedObject is any Object that does not consist of two or more disconnected parts.^
        ShipContainer.ShipContainer is the class of specialized large containers designed for shipping goods aboard C...^
        Ramp.Ramp is the class of SelfConnectedObjects that are inclined planes used for moving objects from o...^
        OrganicThing599A SelfConnectedObject that is produced by a non-intentional process from an Organism. Note that...^
        Substance490An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
        CorpuscularObject986A SelfConnectedObject whose parts have properties that are not shared by the whole.^
        Transitway54Transitway is the broadest class of regions which may be passed through as a path in instances ...^
        Food.Food that is fit for Humans.^
        Meat36Any food which was originally part of an Animal and is not ingested by drinking, including eggs a...^
        BodyOfWater55A BodyOfWater is a connected body of water with established boundaries marked by either geographi...^
        Iceberg.An Iceberg is a large chunk of Ice that has broken off from a Glacier and fallen into a Bod...^

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