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Substance540An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
    Mixture67A Mixture is two or more PureSubstances, combined in varying proportions - each retaining its o...^
        GunPowder.A Mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal that is used in ExplosiveDevices and to pr...^
        Sewage.The byproduct of Animal digestion. Sewage is a waste product that is removed from the body of an ...^
        Detergent.A detergent is a compound, or a mixture of compounds, whose molecules have two distinct regions: on...^
        Glue.Any Mixture whose purpose is to be used as the instrument of Attaching one thing to another.^
        Glass.A transparent or translucent Mixture of silicates.^
        MetallicAlloy2A Mixture of two or more Metals, and possibly nonmetallic elements as well. For example, steel ...^
        Soil5Soil is a substance composed of fine rock material disintegrated by geological processes, mixed w...^
        Humus.Humus is decaying organic matter found in Soil and derived from dead animal and plant material....^
        Vomit.Food that was expelled from the Stomach of an Animal.^
        Dough.A Mixture of Flour, Water, and possibly other ingredients (such as Butter and Salt), whic...^
        LiquidMixture21Any Mixture that satisfies two conditions, viz. it is made up predominantly of things which are a...^
        GasMixture10Any Mixture that satisfies two conditions, viz. it is made up predominantly of things which are a...^
        Gravel.Gravel is a mixture of &Pebbles which are between 2 Millimeter to 64 Millimeter in approxim...^
        Colloid1A Colloid is a Mixture in which microscopically dispersed Insoluble particles, between 0.95 a...^
        ParticulateMatter2ParticulateMatter is a mixture of very small solid or liquid matter suspended in Earth's atmosphe...^
        Bauxite.Bauxite is an impure mixture of earthy hydrous aluminum oxides and hydroxides that is the princip...^
        Concrete1Concrete is a class of CompoundSubstances used as building materials. Concrete is made up of ...^
        Fertilizer.Any Mixture which is used to provide nutrients to living Plants. Fertilizers can be made up of plan...^
        Gemstone2Gemstone is the subclass of Mineral items that are especially valued for use in jewelry and oth...^
        Exhaust1A concept to broadly cover all physical byproducts of Combustion, other than light or heat. While...^
        HydraulicFluid.A Substance that is virtuall incompressible. It is intended to be used in its Liquid state. It ...^

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