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CorpuscularObject798A SelfConnectedObject whose parts have properties that are not shared by the whole.^
ContentBearingPhysical1934Any Object or Process that expresses content. This covers Objects that contain a Propositio...^
    ContentBearingObject210Any SelfConnectedObject that expresses content. This content may be a Proposition, e.g. when th...^
        ShipRegistration.ShipRegistration is the official document containing information about the ownership, size, and f...^
        ShipRegister4A ShipRegister is a record of each Ship and owner registered with the maritime authorities of a...^
        ProcessState.The class of all the information required for a ComputerProgram to run on a processor. It is a ve...^
        Feedback.The class of all messages to a resource management program from one of its processes.^
        UniformResourceIdentifier2A UniformResourceIdentifier (URI) is a compact string of characters for identifying an abstract o...^
        UserAccount1An established relationship between a user and a computer, network or information service. User acc...^
        Compass.A Device that indicates the direction of the various DirectionalAttributes with respect to the ...^
        SheetMusic.SheetMusic refers to the ContentBearingObject that contains a representation of a MusicalComp...^
        HolidayCard.A stiff piece of Paper, usually folded over, which is sent to others in celebration of a Holida...^
        Sign.A Sign is a DisplayArtifact that displays any range of information^
        PlayingCard.A small piece of stiff paper with markings which is intended to be used for playing card games.^
        Recording10Recording refers to a ContentBearingObject that represents some Process that happened in real...^
        Text133A LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related...^
        ConstitutionDocument.ConstitutionDocument is the class of information-containing objects in which the &$Constitution o...^
        MultipoleDiagram.Graphical representation of a MultipoleModel.^
        WebDocument.knowledge base document - a document in natural language representing one piece of knowledge in the...^
        Account49An agreement to provide something over a period of time in return for providing compensation, which...^

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