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Procedure160A sequence-dependent specification. Some examples are ComputerPrograms, finite-state machines, co...^
Software122A set of instructions in a computer programming language that can be executed by a computer, possib...^
    ComputerProgram117A set of instructions in a computer programming language that can be executed by a computer.^
        WebBrowser4A ComputerProgram which is the instrument of AccessingWebPage.^
        SearchEngine.A computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer net...^
        SoftwareSystem66This is the class of mutually supportive groups of instances of ComputerProgram for a single gene...^
        StartupBlock.A typically small instance of ComputerProgram (a sequence of instructions that will run on a comp...^
        ShutdownBlock.A typically small instance of ComputerProgram whose function is to end a typically larger instanc...^
        AutomaticApplication.A program which is started automatically, as opposed to an application started in response to some ...^
        RM-StartApplication.A program started by a Resource Management program, which determines if and where to start the appl...^
        ConsoleApplication.A Program which is started inside an Xterm or other console.^
        ResourceManagementProgram.The class of resource management programs.^
        MonitoringProgram3A program which monitors performance of an application, a component, etc.^
        Utility.A program that performs a specific task related to the management of computer functions, resources,...^
        AppleFaceTime.FaceTime is a proprietary video telephony product developed by Apple Inc. FaceTime is available on ...^
        AppleFairPlay.FairPlay is a digital rights management (DRM) technology developed by Apple Inc. It is built into t...^
        ApplicationProgrammerInterface1A kind of ComputerProgram that is itself a portion of a larger ComputerProgram and is designed ...^
        App2A ComputerProgram that is designed to run on a MobileCellPhone.^
        AppleAppStore.The software and Internet site where Apple customers can download useful computer programs for thei...^
        AVCTP.The Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol (AVCTP) is used by the remote control profile to transfe...^
        Firmware1In computing, firmware is a specific class of computer software that provides the low-level control...^
        Bookmarklet.A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands that add new ...^
        CalendaringProgram.A ComputerProgram that allows users to render calendars and usually manage events and appointment...^
        CameraProgram.A ComputerProgram that allows users to manipulate images and/or videos.^
        AdobeFlashPlayer.Adobe Flash is a deprecated multimedia software platform used for production of animations, rich In...^
        EmailProgram1A ComputerProgram that enables Emailing .^
        IBooks.Apple Books, formerly iBooks, is an e-book reading and store application by Apple Inc. for its iOS ...^
        IMessage.iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc. Launched in 2011, it is supported ...^
        ITunes.iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management a...^
        DHCPProgram.A ComputerProgram that implements the DHCPProtocol.^
        FindMyIPhone1Find My iPhone was an app and service provided by Apple Inc. that allowed remote location tracking ...^

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