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Furniture20Any free-standing and movable Artifacts which which are used in day-to-day living and designed to...^
    Bed10A piece of Furniture which is primarily for sleeping.^
        KingBed.A KingBed is a type of Bed that is 1.9m by 2.0m in size^
        QueenBed.A QueenBed is a type of Bed that is 1.5m by 2.0m in size^
        DoubleBed.A DoubleBed is a type of Bed that is 1.35m by 2.0m in size^
        SingleBed.A SingleBed is a type of Bed that is 1m by 2.0m in size^
        BunkBed.A BunkBed is a type of Bed has one bed directly above another^
        MurphyBed.A MurphyBed is a type of Bed that can be stored vertically inside a wall, closet or cabinet^
        RollawayBed.A RollawayBed is a type of Bed that is mounted on rollers so that it can be easily moved^
        SofaBed.A SofaBed is a Bed that can be kept inside a compartment in a Sofa^
        Crib.A Crib is a Bed for babies^
        Hammock.Hammock is a type of Bed made of rope or canvas and is suspended between two stationary objects...^

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