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Abstract6228Properties or qualities as distinguished from any particular embodiment of the properties/qualities...^
    Relation1729The Class of relations. There are two kinds of Relation: Predicate and Function. Predicat...^
        SingleValuedRelation344A Relation is a SingleValuedRelation just in case an assignment of values to every argument pos...^
        TotalValuedRelation204A Relation is a TotalValuedRelation just in case there exists an assignment for the last argume...^
        PartialValuedRelation145A Relation is a PartialValuedRelation just in case it is not a TotalValuedRelation, i.e. just...^
        BinaryRelation1282BinaryRelations are relations that are true only of pairs of things. BinaryRelations are repres...^
        InheritableRelation1725The class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the ...^
        ProbabilityRelation5The Class of Relations that permit assessment of the probability of an event or situation.^
        SpatialRelation81The Class of Relations that are spatial in a wide sense. This Class includes mereological rel...^
        TemporalRelation39The Class of temporal Relations. This Class includes notions of (temporal) topology of interv...^
        IntentionalRelation23The Class of Relations between an AutonomousAgent and one or more Entities, where the Rel...^
        TernaryRelation378TernaryRelations relate three items. The two subclasses of TernaryRelation are TernaryPredi...^
        QuaternaryRelation31QuaternaryRelations relate four items. The two subclasses of QuaternaryRelation are Quatern...^
        QuintaryRelation9QuintaryRelations relate five items. The two subclasses of QuintaryRelation are QuintaryPre...^
        Predicate1352A Predicate is a sentence-forming Relation. Each tuple in the Relation is a finite, ordered s...^
        VariableArityRelation12The Class of Relations that do not have a fixed number of arguments.^
        RelationExtendedToQuantities5A RelationExtendedToQuantities is a Relation that, when it is true on a sequence of arguments t...^
        PPPBasedEconomicValuation10PPPBasedEconomicValuation is a class of relations used to state international economic informatio...^

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