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OrganicObject600This class encompasses Organisms, CorpuscularObjects that are parts of Organisms, i.e. Body...^
AutonomousAgent1836Something or someone that can act on its own and produce changes in the world.^
    Organism287Generally, a living individual, including all Plants and Animals.^
        ToxicOrganism68The Class of Organisms which are poisonous to other Organisms.^
        GeneticallyEngineeredOrganism.The class of Organisms that are not found originally in nature, but are produced in a laboratory ...^
        Parasite.An Organism, other than a Fungus or Microorganism that typically lives on or within a host an...^
        Plant45An Organism having cellulose cell walls, growing by synthesis of Substances, generally distingu...^
        Fungus3A eukaryotic Organism characterized by the absence of chlorophyll and the presence of rigid cell ...^
        Animal143An Organism with eukaryotic Cells, and lacking stiff cell walls, plastids, and photosynthetic p...^
        Microorganism89An Organism that can be seen only with the aid of a microscope.^

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