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Creation20这是创造东西的 Process subclass。注:可以用 CaseRoleresult 来指明所创造的东西。^
IntentionalProcess790Process は、それを実行する Agent に 対し、固有の目的を持つ。^
    Making16这是制作个别 Artifact 或一种 ArtifactCreation subclass^
        DevelopingWeaponOfMassDestruction1Making instances of WeaponOfMassDestruction.^
        DeliveringWeaponOfMassDestruction.Integrating a WeaponOfMassDestruction with a conventional weapon, so that the former can be deliv...^
        Sculpting.The process of creating three-dimensional artwork by shaping or combining hard materials, typically...^
        Weaving1Weaving is Process to interlace yarn or thread such as String or pilable materials such as wi...^
        Copying1Making a copy of something.^
        Carpentry.Making Buildings out of Wood.^
        Photocopying.The Process of Making a two dimensional representation of an Object. Note the difference betw...^
        Constructing.这属于建造 StationaryArtifactMakingsubclass^
        Manufacture2这是大规模 Making Artifact^
        Cooking2这是 Making Foodinstance。注:这包括任何 准备 Food 的过程,例如:做沙拉和切开水果等,它不一定涉及应用热能来处理食物。^

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