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InternalChange402Processes which involve altering an internal property of an Object, e.g. the shape of the Obj...^
    ComputerProcess86An instance of ComputerProcess is a process which manipulates data in the computer.^
        DataTransfer31A subclass of ComputerProcesses which send data over a computer channel or bus.^
        DeletingData1A ComputerProcess that makes some DigitalData unusable for any other ComputerProcess.^
        RestoringData.A ComputerProcess that makes DigitalData that has been deleted, again accessible for other Co...^
        MeasuringPerformance.Each element of MeasuringPerformance is an event of measuring the performance of an instance of &...^
        UserRequest.A request made by a ComputerUser, such as looking up a customer record.^
        ComputerResponse.A ComputerProcess which attempts to comply with a user's request.^
        Multitasking.The running of two or more programs in one computer at the same time. The number of programs that c...^
        ComputerTask.In a multitasking environment, an independently running program or subprogram. Each task is assigne...^
        Abort.To exit a function or application without saving any data that has been changed.^
        DataSaving.A process of copying the document, record or image being worked on onto a storage medium. Saving up...^
        DataCompression.Encoding data to take up less storage space.^
        UsingAResource.A ComputerProcess which requires access to a ComputerResource.^
        ReusingAResource.To use the same resource again.^
        Jailbreaking.A jailbreak is the act or tool used to perform the act of breaking out of a chroot or jail in UNIX-...^
        ComputerBackingUp.The Process of Copying DigitalData to prevent loss of that data resulting from some error or ...^
        MountingADevice.The ComputerProcess whereby a Computer sets up a peripheral, getting any required information a...^
        DHCPServer.A ComputerProcess that is actively running the DHCPProtocol and assigning IPAddresses to comp...^
        UserSignifiedAction33A UserSignifiedAction is an action signified by physical action taken by a ComputerUser in inte...^
        WindowScrolling4WindowScrolling consists of a ComputerProcess moving as a block the contents of a frame in a wi...^

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