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Object4764Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geo...^
    AutonomousAgent1836Something or someone that can act on its own and produce changes in the world.^
        SentientAgent18A SentientAgent is an AutonomousAgent that is capable of Perception and experiences some leve...^
        GeopoliticalArea942Any GeographicArea which is associated with some sort of political structure. This class includes...^
        Organism287Generally, a living individual, including all Plants and Animals.^
        CommercialAgent63An AutonomousAgent that provides products and/or services for a fee with the aim of making a prof...^
        Group597A Collection of Agents, e.g. a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, or the local Boy Scout troop.^
        Organization519An Organization is a corporate or similar institution. The members of an Organization typical...^
        ITAgent.agent capable of performing ITProcess^

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