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LinguisticExpression1563This is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are language-related. Note that this Class...^
ContentBearingObject327Any SelfConnectedObject that expresses content. This content may be a Proposition, e.g. when th...^
Artifact1457An Object that is the product of a Making.^
    Text135A LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related...^
        JointPublication6A publication containing joint doctrine that is prepared under the direction and authority of the C...^
        Doctrine4Fundamental principles by which the military forces or elements thereof guide their actions in supp...^
        ChairmanPublication2A publication by the Chairman of the JCS, subsuming instructions and manuals.^
        Lyrics.Any Text which is intended to be sung.^
        Paragraph.A Text which consists of one or more sentences, begins with an indented line, and expresses a sin...^
        ChristianGospel.Four books in the New Testament of the ChristianBible that describe the life and teachings of Jes...^
        Prescription.Instructions to a Pharmacist and patient concerning Medicines and possibly their dosage and sch...^
        MusicText.A Text in a Language that represents a form of music.^
        Label.A very brief Text that is attached to an Object and that indicates very specific information ab...^
        FormText4A page or set of pages containing spaces where information is to be entered by an AutonomousAgent...^
        Series5A Text consisting of multiple self-contained units. Some examples are an encyclopedia containing ...^
        Article7A relatively short Text that either is unbound or is bound with other Articles in a Book.^
        NarrativeText2Any Text that tells a story, whether true or false.^
        MotionPicture3A ContentBearingObject which depicts motion (and which may have an audio or text component as wel...^
        FactualText17The class of Texts that purport to reveal facts about the world. Such texts are often known as in...^
        FictionalText5The class of Texts that purport to be largely a product of the author's imagination, i.e. the aut...^
        Summary.A short Text that is a summary of another, longer Text.^
        Certificate70A Text that confers a right or obligation on the holder of the Certificate. Note that the right...^
        TreatyDocument.TreatyDocument is the subclass of Texts that represent written agreements between Nations.^
        CalendarText.A representation of one or more Days in a tabular form. It generally has groupings by week, mon...^
        Spam.An unsolicited message that is the result of Spamming.^
        LiveTestUpdate.A report of an eBay experiment. This used to be a live report as an experiment was occurring, but t...^

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