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Artifact1447An Object that is the product of a Making.^
    StationaryArtifact164A StationaryArtifact is an Artifact that has a fixed spatial location. Most instances of this &...^
        WMDWeaponsProductionFacility1Facilities where instances of WeaponOfMassDestruction are built.^
        WMDWeaponsResearchFacility1Facilities where research on instances of WeaponOfMassDestruction is performed.^
        Railway7Railway is the subclass of LandTransitways that have rails along which Trains may travel. A r...^
        RailroadTrack.RailroadTrack is the class of StationaryArtifacts consisting of rails laid on supports to form ...^
        Bridge4Bridge is the subclass of LandTransitways that are artifacts used for crossing water or air-fil...^
        Tunnel.Tunnel is a subclass of Transitways that consist of a lengthwise enclosed Hole that allows fo...^
        TransitTerminal4A TransitTerminal is a place where travellers or transportation devices begin or end their journe...^
        BowlingLane.BowlingLane is a StationaryArtifact that acts as a Transitway for a BowlingBall to knock do...^
        RecordingStudio.A RecordingStudio is a StationaryArtifact, such as a Room or Building that has the necessar...^
        Barrier1WN: a structure or object that impedes free movement^
        SwimmingPool1A FluidContainer that is filled with Water and that is used for Swimming.^
        Mine.An construction in the earth from which Minerals are removed, either in pure form or as part of o...^
        Prison.An installation which is owned and maintained by a Government for the purpose of Confining peop...^
        VotingPoll.A structure where Voting for an Election takes place.^
        Monument.A StationaryArtifact whose purpose is to commemorate a person, animal or event.^
        Tomb.A StationaryArtifact which is meant to contain someone who is Dead.^
        Workshop1A Room, suite of Rooms or Building which is devoted to hand-crafting Artifacts.^
        SportsFacility13A specially designated and maintained facility where Sports are played. Note that this covers spo...^
        PlaceOfCommerce5A Building or part of a Building which is intended for organizational activities, e.g. retail o...^
        Steeple.A component of a ReligiousBuilding that is tall and narrow and symbolizes the connection between ...^
        Chimney.A thin passageway through which Smoke from a controlled fire is conducted Outside of a Buildi...^
        Curb.A raised concrete or asphalt structure that connects a Sidewalk with a Roadway.^
        Stairway.A StationaryArtifact which allows one to climb, step by step, from one level to another.^
        Steps.A StationaryArtifact which allows one to climb, step by step, from one level to another.^
        Doorway.A StationaryArtifact consisting of a frame that holds a Door.^
        Wall.A StationaryArtifact that supports a Building or partitions it into Rooms.^
        Floor.A StationaryArtifact that is the bottom surface of a Room.^
        Ceiling1A StationaryArtifact that is the top surface of a Room.^
        Roof.The top of a Building.^
        Fireplace.A Device in a Building which is used for burning wood, coal, etc for heat.^
        Balcony.A Balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, surrounded by some type of railin...^
        BuildingLevel1The story or level of a building, e.g. the Basement, the Attic, the ground level, the fourteent...^
        Garage.A Building or part of a Building which is intended to house one or more RoadVehicle when they...^
        Porch.A StationaryArtifact which is connected to a Building and which provides some shelter in ente...^
        Sidewalk.A prepared path for pedestrians alongside a Roadway.^
        Fence.A StationaryArtifact that serves to demarcate or to prevent access to or from the area that the &...^
        SportsGround.A specially designated and maintained area where Sports are played.^
        IndustrialPlant.A Building or part of a Building or group of Buildings whose purpose is to Manufacture some...^
        Laboratory.A Building, Room or suite of Rooms where scientific research, i.e. Experimenting, is conduc...^
        MilitaryInstallation.A StationaryArtifact consisting of grounds and Buildings that is intended to be used by a Mil...^
        Farm.A StationaryArtifact consisting of a cultivated LandArea and Buildings for maintaining the la...^
        PerformanceStage.A large platform for theatrical plays, lectures, dances, music recitals, etc, which can be observed...^
        PerformanceStageWing.A part of the PerformanceStage that is not visible to members of the audience.^
        BuildingUnit1A functional area of a Building that is used by an Organization to keep related people and acti...^
        EducationalFacility.A building or campus, owned by an EducationalOrganization, which is intended as the location for ...^
        PostalPlace24A PostalPlace is any LocalizablePlace that can have a postal address, and to which hardcopy mai...^
        RunningTrack.RunningTrack is a StationaryArtifact which serves as a path for people running^
        Courtyard.Courtyard is an unroofed area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings^
        Lanai.Lanai refers to a roofed outdoor area %&Adjacent to a Building often furnished and used as a li...^
        DanceHall1DanceHall is a StationaryArtifact equipped with floors amenable to Dancing and devices that b...^
        Building35The Class of StationaryArtifacts which are intended to house Humans and their activities.^
        Room17A properPart of a Building which is separated from the exterior of the Building and/or other ...^
        Residence16A Building or part of a Building which provides some accomodation for sleeping.^
        HotelUnit2HotelUnit describes the basic unit that a traveler sleeps in when he is in TravelerAccomodation...^
        Casino.Casino is a type of StationaryArtifact that has the purpose of housing gambling activities^
        Canal.Canal is the subclass of navigable Waterways flowing through an artificial course. Typically, a...^
        CanalStructure.A CanalStructure is the constructed framework, including Locks, that contains the waters of a &...^
        Dam.Dam is the subclass of StationaryArtifacts that are walls built across a stream or river to hol...^
        ATMMachine.(Automatic Teller Machine) A banking terminal that accepts deposits and dispenses cash. ATMs are ac...^
        BroadcastingStation5A BroadcastingStation is an engineeringSubcomponent of either a TelevisionSystem or a Radio...^

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