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Group597这是一个 CollectionAgent,例如:一群绵羊、一群山羊 或一队当地的童子军。^
    Organization519一个 Organization 是一家公司或者是类似的机构。 Organizationmember 通常有着共同的一向和功能。注:这个类别也包括组织的分支和部门等等。例如: 壳牌石...^
        CrossFunctionalTeam1An Organization where members of that organization have different skills, but a common Entity...^
        CustomerSupport.An Organization which is a businessUnit of a company, that hasPurpose of having its members...^
        TransportationAuthority2TransportationAuthority is the class of Organizations that are responsible for one or more syst...^
        ShipCrew.A ShipCrew is an Organization of people who operate a Ship, Plane, Train, or other transp...^
        MarchingBand.MarchingBand refers to a group of instrumental musicians perform outdoors and incorporate some ty...^
        Club.A Club is an Organization of people that share some desire^
        SportsLeague.An Organization whose members are SportsTeams and whose purpose is to set up games between its ...^
        CommunicationOrganization.CommunicationOrganization is the subclass of Organizations that manage Communications over ph...^
        MediaOrganization.MediaOrganization is the subclass of Organization for groups whose primary purpose is the produ...^
        NonprofitOrganization.Any Organization whose purpose is something other than making a profit.^
        CareOrganization2Any Organization whose purpose is to provide medical care for for Humans who reside there, eith...^
        Commission.A small, temporary Organization whose purpose is to investigate some issue.^
        ServiceOrganization.An Organization that performs a public service and is regulated by the Government.^
        OrganizationalBoard.Part of an Organization that is responsible for managing the Organization.^
        SecurityUnit.The Organization that is charged with ensuring the security of members of the overall Organizat...^
        UnionOrganization.An Organization comprised of workers from the same Corporation or Industry. The purpose of th...^
        Business62Business 的实例是一个属于 CommercialAgentOrganization^
        PoliticalOrganization53这是一个试图带来某些政治上的改变的 Organization^
        GovernmentOrganization63GovernmentOrganization 是官方 Organization 的类别, 它和 GeopoliticalArea 的政府在某程度上有关联。它可以是一个政府的 subO...^
        JudicialOrganization5JudicialOrganizationOrganization 的类别,它的主要宗旨是按照政府或其他组织的法规或条例作出判决。司法机构不一定是政府机构, 举例说体育协会的相关组织。^
        EducationalOrganization18EducationalOrganization 是一个学习 机构。一些例子有:公立和私立的幼儿园、小学和中学、学院和大学。^
        ReligiousOrganization114这是一个组员拥有共同宗教信念的 Organization^
        CopyrightAuthority.An instance of CopyrightAuthority is an Organization with whom a creative work may or must be...^
        HotelFrontDesk.HotelFrontDesk is a subOrganization of a TravelerAccommodation that takes charge of all Che...^
        LegislativeOrganization5LegislativeOrganization is the class of Organizations that have as their main purpose the passi...^
        InternationalOrganization203InternationalOrganization is the class of Organizations whose activities have international sco...^
        MetallurgicalPlant.MetallurgicalPlant is the subclass of Organization that includes metal refining and manufacturi...^
        FinancialOrganization3The class FinancialOrganization includes, as subclasses, Bank-FinancialOrganization, CreditUn...^
        StockMarket.General term for the organized trading of stocks through exchanges and over-the-counter.^

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