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Process1321The class of things that happen and have temporal parts or stages. Examples include extended events...^
    InternalChange402Processes which involve altering an internal property of an Object, e.g. the shape of the Obj...^
        ComputerProcess86An instance of ComputerProcess is a process which manipulates data in the computer.^
        TurningOffDevice.Any Process whose result is that the patient of the process is in the state of DeviceOff. In ot...^
        TurningOnDevice.Any Process whose result is that the patient of the process is in the state of DeviceOn. In oth...^
        BiologicalProcess196A Process embodied in an Organism.^
        QuantityChange20Any InternalChange where a PhysicalQuantity associated with the patient is altered.^
        GeologicalProcess13The class of activities that are caused by geological forces and affect geological features, and wh...^
        Damaging29The Class of Processes where the agent brings about a situation where the patient no longer...^
        ChemicalProcess14A ChemicalProcess occurs whenever chemical compounds (CompoundSubstances) are formed or decompo...^
        SurfaceChange12Processes which involve altering the properties that apply to the surface of an Object.^
        ShapeChange1The Process of changing the shape of an Object.^
        Creation18The subclass of Process in which something is created. Note that the thing created is specified...^
        StateChange10Any Process where the PhysicalState of part of the patient of the Process changes.^
        TidalProcess5TidalProcess is the class of daily recurring events in which the water level in a BodyOfWater r...^

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